Gillian Anderson on Dating David Duchovny: “It’s a nice idea, but it’s not going to happen”

David Duchovny Gillian Anderson
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in Entertainment Weekly’s reunion issue.

Gillian Anderson killed all of our dreams by denying that she’s ever been in a romantic relationship with David Duchovny. *pout* [Looking for news on The X Files reboot? It’s in this post.]

-Meanwhile, I’m bummed that Gillian‘s new show on NBC isn’t getting great reviews.

-During Angelina Jolie’s EW interview, she’s asked about those 50 Shades rumours and she “laughs and shakes her head – for a long time. Jolie fully blushes.”

Lady Gaga‘s performance at SXSW culminated in her being repeatedly puked on by a “vomit artist.” How is that an actual thing?! And is this a good move for a singer who’s admitted to struggling with bulimia in the past?

Chad Michael Murray is writing poetry about ravens. Amazing.

Lena Headey  and Jerome Flynn are reportedly not on speaking terms on the Game of Thrones set after breaking up. Wait up — Cersei dated Bronn?!

Vanessa Hudgens is showing off her Beyonce dance moves in a new Instagram video.

-This photo gallery of a typical day in Girls star Jemima Kirke‘s life doubles as a guide to being a Brooklyn hipster.

-I’m pretty sure this is just an unfortunate outfit + angle, but it’s sure to inspire a Mila Kunis bump watch.

-Speaking of bumps, if Scarlett Johansson wanted to keep her pregnancy under wraps a bit longer, she could have. She doesn’t look pregnant at all in these photos.

-Speaking of Scarlett, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is tracking for a huge opening.  Also, the post credit sequence was directed by Joss Whedon.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler don’t believe in vaccinating their kids. Luckily, no one gives a shit what they think.

Gwyneth Paltrow is now putting sponsored posts on her Instagram, which is kind of gross.

-This is great:  Theo James surprised a group of hardcore Divergent fans.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield got all lovey dovey over an L.L. Bean delivery. Whatever floats your boat, guys.

-The creator of Enlisted (which is a really great show — watch it!) opens up about how his brush with death informed tonight’s episode.

-Speaking of Enlisted, star Geoff Stults just signed on to lead a CBS sitcom. I’m sure he’s in second position to Enlisted in case it gets renewed, but still. Not a good sign.

-Happy Veronica Mars movie day!  To celebrate, here’s the unaired FBI pilot they pitched to the network in a failed bid for a fourth season, this new clip of the cast from PaleyFest, a hilarious photo Kristen Bell tweeted from the premiere, the cast taking a “which character are you?” quiz, and a completely adorable video of Bell and Enrico Colantoni on set.

-It’s hard to determine exactly how much money the movie needs to make to be considered a success. You can usually figure it out using Steven Soderbergh’s formula (take the production cost, times it by two for marketing /overseas distribution, then double that to cover the exhibitors’ cut, and that’s how much you need to break even). But the marketing budget seems tiny judging from the total lack of commercials, the studio is actually renting the theatres and keeping 100% of the ticket sales, and it’s available on VOD starting today. Plus, last night’s late night premieres performed really well. Fingers crossed!

-Ok, so we all got fooled by that kissing video earlier this week, which turned out to be an ad starring models and actors. Here’s a new one with actual people, and Jimmy Fallon‘s version with kittens and puppies.

Victoria Beckham discovered a Spice Girls-themed pizza at the back of her mom’s freezer a tweeted a photo.

-I kind of dig Jennifer Lopez’s new video. Not only does it feature throwbacks to her most famous looks, but it starts with her and her friends wondering, “Why do men always objectify the women in every single video? Why can’t we, for once, objectify the men?”

Rachel McAdams just dropped out of Keanu Reeves‘ new movie.

Jamie Chung says that Bryan Greenberg is taking control of their wedding planning, which is kind of cute.

-Uh oh. Are Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez on the verge of separating?

-Here’s Chris O’Dowd, Nick Frost and Rashida Jones in the Cuban Fury trailer. Looks adorable!


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