Amanda Seyfried Strips Down for W

Amanda Seyfried W magazine

Amanda Seyfried poses in lingerie for the new issue of W, where she talks about falling for costars and kissing Megan Fox. She also admitted on Twitter that she boarded a plane with a Swiss Army knife in her pocket.

Madonna dressed up as the Khaleesi to celebrate a Jewish holiday.

-Meanwhile, I like these charts that only Game of Thrones fans will understand.

-The Guardian asked Scarlett Johansson about the controversies surrounding Woody Allen and SodaStream, and the results make for a really awkward interview.

Jamie Lynn Spears (‘member her?) just got hitched and commemorated the occassion with what might just be the most unflattering pap shot of a bride on her wedding day ever. Congrats?

-Has Halle Berry been cut out of the new X-Men movie? All of Anna Paquin‘s scenes were already edited out, which seems like the bigger loss.

-Speaking of big budget blockbusters, Lupita Nyong’o is in talks with J.J. Abrams for a leading role in Star Wars.

-Photos from the How I Met Your Mother finale have been released, so feel free to read way too much into them.

-Meanwhile, HIMYM star Neil Patrick Harris says. “I’ve found that a lot of girls have no issue with me being gay. They still want to marry me. And I love that.”

Kat Dennings is calling bullshit on those reports that Lindsay Lohan was a nightmare on the 2 Broke Girls set, but really, what else is she supposed to say?

Chris Pine pleaded guilty to DUI charges in New Zealand — and caused a bit of a frenzy outside the courthouse.

Shailene Woodley can’t stop gushing about George Clooney. Welcome to the club, lady!

-Oh god. Shailene is also the latest star advocating oil pulling. Am I the only one who can’t do it without wanting to puke?

Chris Brown has been thrown back in jail after being thrown out of rehab.

-Meanwhile, Chris’ ex Rihanna seems to be getting closer to Drake (and by “getting closer” I mean following him into men’s bathrooms).

Justin Bieber‘s bodyguard wasn’t allowed to enter Canada with him because he’s facing felony charges.

Gillian Anderson did a Reddit AMA and it was great.

-British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman is sick of everyone asking her why models are so skinny, ok?

-The cast of Lost reunited this weekend at PaleyFest to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary. Look at how grown up Walt is!

-The Simpsons made an Itchy and Scratchy version of Downton Abbey, and gave their couch gag a LEGO movie treatment.

-Amazing: Jenny McCarthy’s self-made Twitter hashtag #JennyAsks was hilariously hijacked by pro-vaccine advocates.

Lorde slammed E! News for reaching out to her boyfriend to ask if they were engaged. God, I love this kid.

-Even Kevin Spacey is making fun of Rob Ford these days.

-This morning’s L.A. earthquake shook tweeting celebrities from their beauty sleep.

-Is it weird that I kind of like where Miley Cyrus got her latest tattoo? I haven’t been sleeping well lately; let’s just blame that.

-Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Miley rolling a joint. She has her own Bangerz branded paper!

Chris Hardwick tried to lighten the mood after last night’s BRUTAL Walking Dead ep by tweeting this.

-I loved and adored the Veronica Mars movie (though I still don’t get why Jason Dohring felt the need to lose 20 lbs for the role). It did better than expected at the box office, but will probably make most of its money on VOD, where it’s currently ranked No. 3 on iTunes. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the digital download for backers. I was able to download it no problem, but those who couldn’t are encouraged to download it from iTunes and get a refund.

-Meanwhile, here’s all of the cameos in the Veronica Mars movie, and a supercut of Big Lebowski references, man.

-The internet has set its sights on a new crowdfunding goal: funding a MacBeth movie with Rupert Grint, Sean Bean and Charles Dance.

Demi Lovato called out Lady Gaga‘s SXSW performance for “glamorizing” eating disorders. She’s not wrong.

-Is Donald Glover returning to Community already?

-Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow‘s version of “Happy” from Glee. It’s as terrible as you’d expect it to be.

-I really liked this TV Guide article celebrating all the great things happening in Canadian TV, even though I don’t really watch any (with the exception of Being Human, which I got totally sucked into a couple of weeks ago, only to discover there’s only four episodes left. D’oh!)

-On last night’s episode of Lindsay Lohan‘s reality show, she didn’t have enough cash to pay her rent.

-The Anchorman 2 gag reel is a thing of beauty.

Elizabeth Hurley has moved on from Shane Warne, and he’s not too happy about it.

-Sigh. Someone in Hollywood decided it would be a good idea to give Katharine McPhee another shot at leading a TV show.

-Buzzfeed did a killer profile of Orange is the New Black trans star Laverne Cox.

-The latest Maleficent trailer recalls its Sleeping Beauty roots.

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