It’s a Diva-Off! Nicki Minaj, Kanye West in Running to Join Mariah Carey on Idol

Fox released this promo pic of Mariah Carey as an official American Idol judge.
Fox released this promo pic of Mariah Carey as an official American Idol judge.

-Now that Kanye West has joined Nicki Minaj in the American Idol judges rumours, Mariah Carey is reportedly in total freakout mode.

-Uh oh. Now Enrique Iglesias has entered the Idol fray. Quick, someone hand Mariah a pillow to scream into!

-Meanwhile, Mariah is making her own suggestions on Twitter.

-It’s the end of a icky, couch-jumping era. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are officially divorced.

Amanda Bynes got into yet ANOTHER car accident. No one was hurt – though her career suffered a fatal blow.

Kristen Stewart was photographed for the first time in weeks (apparently very strategically) and she looked Kristen Stewart-y.

Miley Cyrus is showing off her puppy — and bedhead — in a new Twitter photo.

-Also, Miley is now doing dubstep, just in case you needed yet another reason to avoid that musical genre.

-Finally, NBC scores a (probable) hit by buying the new Michael J. Fox sitcom sight unseen. Looks like the peacock just grew a pair!

-But the big (and so very welcome) TV news of the day out of NBC is that they’re finally allowing The Office a somewhat graceful exit. They also say they’re going to “exploit” the Jim and Pam relationship in this upcoming  final season. Um, yay?

Drake was spotted hanging out with Dave Chappelle and K’naan  at The Drake last night. How meta.

-Meanwhile, people can’t stop suing Drake and Chris Brown.

Lady Gaga continues to freak us out by looking totally normal.

Cher believes in life after love — at it reportedly involves marrying a Hell’s Angel.

Al Roker makes a comment about his Today Show cohorts by saying absolutely nothing at all. For an awkwardly long time.

Rumur Willis celebrated her 24th birthday in NYC with her dad and sisters, though estranged mom Demi was nowhere in sight.

-I’m picking my TIFF movies tonight, and I’m using this handy photo set of all the stars who’ll be there as my guide (because a hot pic of Ryan Gosling has never, ever steered me wrong). Though where is Aaron Paul‘s pretty mug? WHERE???!??

-Blerg. Kirk Cameron just defended Todd Akin. Of course he did!

-My buddy@russless just Tweeted this photo of Emma Watson with the caption “Emma Watson gives zero fucks.” Indeed!

Tony Scott‘s family has come forward to debunk the rumours that he was suffering from terminal brain cancer.

Natalie Portman takes her shirt off for Dior, because that’s how makeup ads work.

Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte swam together during a boozy Vegas pool party and there is video. You can just stop now, Internet. There’s no way to top yourself after that.

Diddy‘s girlfriend showed off a giant rock on Instagram, but his rep denies they’re engaged.

-Apparently, we’re now supposed to care about Justin Theroux‘s comings and goings.  Sorry JT, but I won’t start paying attention to you until you’ve made it in Suri’s Burn Book.

-Sadly, that report about Leonardo DiCaprio inviting Robert Pattinson into his boys’ p-posse for a bromantic weekend turned out to be false. Boo-urns!

-Wanna feel old? It’s Dirty Dancing’s 25th anniversary.

Ryan Murphy just Tweeted a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker on the Glee set.

-Breaking news: Lindsay Lohan was questioned by the police — as a witness, not a perp!

The Avengers gag reel has surfaced. Watch it now because it’s probably going to be pulled before you finish reading this sentence.

-Speaking of videos that could get pulled, the trailer for Frozen Ground (which features Vanessa Hudgens writhing around as a stripper) has leaked.

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