Mariah Carey Confirms American Idol Gig

-Diva swap: Mariah Carey has confirmed rumours that she’ll take over Jennifer Lopez‘s spot on Idol‘s judges table. Sweet! We all know how well she handles live TV.

-In a new interview with BlackBook, Robert Pattinson shoots down those engagement rumours while trying to look cool in a bowling shirt. He only pulls off one of those.

-Speaking of shooting down rumours, Miranda Kerr‘s rep is denying reports she’s divorcing Orlando Bloom.

-This “Suri’s Burn Book” Tumblr pretty much made my entire week — and it’s only Monday!

Kim Kardashian is making fun of Paris Hilton’s sex tape? That’s like Mel Gibson making fun of Charlie Sheen‘s temper.

-Sorry to dash the hopes of anyone out there who was clinging to the belief that the Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis romance reports were false (yes, I’m including myself in that group), but this kissy photo all but confirms it.

Lady Gaga and Tyler Kinney have graduated to the ‘meet the parents‘ phase.

-Sorry, Nick. David Walton (starring of the criminally underseen Bent and husband to Roswell‘s Maria) just signed on to play Jess’ new love interest on The New Girl.

-Sweet! Listen to a preview of five songs from The Dears‘ upcoming live album.

-Welcome to the world of intense media scrutiny, Prince Harry‘s new girl!

A sex tape purported to feature a pre-legal Minka Kelly is allegedly being shopped around.

Anne Hathaway‘s creepy ex-boyfriend is now sharing private photos of her. Classy.

-All the split publicity has done wonders for Katie Holmes’ fashion line. Imagine that.

-When Jennifer Lopez wears something bland and normal, it freaks me out more than seeing Lady Gaga in a meat dress ever will.

-This preview of Parks and Recreation‘s new season has me worried for Leslie and Ben.

-Here’s the trailer for a new breakdancing movie called Battle of the Year. All you need to know is that it features Lost‘s Sawyer wearing the crap out of a hoodie, which almost makes up for the fact that it also stars Chris Brown.

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