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June 12, 2023

Pedro Pascal and Steven Yeun Talk Road Rage

Pedro Pascal and Steven Yeun teamed up for Variety’s Actors on Actors, and Pascal gushed about working with Bella Ramsey: “I couldn’t have asked for a more anchoring, generous, thoughtful teenager,” while Yeun said he loved “talking shit” with Ali Wong on the set of Beef.

Meghann Fahy and Elizabeth Olsen also did an Actors on Actors interview and wow, does Olsen not sound like she misses playing Wanda.

Kieran Culkin and Claire Danes also interviewed each other, and Culkin begged her to “stop making me cry so much. I’m going to stop watching you’re work; I hate crying.” He also told her of the Roman/Gerri dynamic: “Something in my belly said ‘yeah, this is working.’ I don’t know what it is or why and I didn’t try to identify it — I feel like Roman wouldn’t be able to identify it so I tried to remain in the dark. I sort of thought ‘when the show’s over, I can figure it out’ and I still haven’t.”

-Also, Culkin crashed Brian Cox and Emily Blunt‘s photoshoot and it was adorable. “How are you, are you grumpy today?”

Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup are married. The actress posted a photo from the nuptials at a Manhattan courthouse.

Garth Brooks says his new bar is safe for trans people and will serve Bud Light: “Our thing is this: if you [are let] into this house, love one another. If you’re an asshole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

-I watched some of the Tony Awards last night, which felt kind of fun and free as there were no teleprompters in honour of the WGA strike. The fashions were also great, especially Lupita Nyong’o’s look.

-Also, Samuel L. Jackson did not look thrilled when he lost to Brandon Uranowitz.

-Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but Kelis is currently giving it to Bill Murray. When fans asked about the relationship rumours in the comments of her latest IG post, the singer responded “Lol yeah maybe for now everyone’s dumb and will believe anything. But the best part is we are both blessed, rich, and happy. So who’s really laughing now?” When someone else asked her to address the rumours, she wrote “lol no babe, I wouldn’t bother at all”

Kevin Federline is denying a UK tabloid report that he told two reporters that he and his sons were worried about alleged drug use by Britney Spears. “We did allow [reporters] Daphne & Bill into our home because we trusted them, but that trust was lost and we severed ties back in March for many reasons we choose not to go into here.”

-Following Barbie, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling will reunite in a Ocean’s Eleven prequel.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are not happy that Tr*mp is using the Air monologue in his campaign ads.

-The Globes Globes will no longer be under the oversight of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as Dick Clark Productions have acquired its rights. Meanwhile, the HFPA will wind down.

-A new Steven Soderbergh interview is always worth a read. He sounds off on cellphones (“Cellphones are the worst thing that’s ever happened to movies…It’s so hard to manufacture drama when everybody can ahold of everybody all the time. It’s just not as fun as in the old days when the phone would ring and you didn’t know who was calling. I remember that fondly’), and talks about why he’s not afraid of AI (“It’s just another tool. If it helps you finish a first draft of a script, great. But can it finish that thing and make it great on its own? Absolutely not. As of today, it is not keeping me up at night”).

-Wednesday actor Percy Hynes White denounced the “campaign of misinformation” against him after he was accused of sexual assault earlier this year: “The rumors are false.”

-This is a lovely story about Barry crewmembers talking about how wonderful Bill Hader was to work with. I listened to his episode recaps this season on The Ringer podcast, and I was always so pleasantly surprised by how willing he was to share the credit. He was always saying stuff like, “Oh, that wasn’t my idea; our lighting guy came up with that” and “we cast our P.A. in that role and isn’t she fantastic?”

Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo get their weird on in the Poor Things trailer.