Ana de Armas Is In Deep

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Ana de Armas is on the cover of Vogue Spain, in which her rumoured boyfriend Ben Affleck gushes about her talent. “The first time we read the scenes together, it became pretty clear she was going to do something exceptional with a very complex role,” he says of their work on upcoming thriller Deep Water.

-Meanwhile, she posted the photos that Ben took of her on the beach. Are they supposed to be this blurry?

Amanda Bynes has reunited with her fiancé and announced that they’re expecting a baby.

Chrissy Teigen is defending Vanessa Hudgens after her “dumb” coronavirus, tweeting “Sometimes people, especially famous people, are gonna say really stupid s–t. & so are you. And they, and u, will learn from it & hopefully their history says they’re good. It’s Ok. And at the same time, wow they really had a dumb f—– moment. But u don’t have [to] ruin their lives.”

Kevin Bacon‘s “6 degrees” posts to encourage social distancing is very good.

-I’m loving all the group chats TV casts seem to be having during social distancing. The Superstore cast had their wrap dinner via FaceTime, while the Criminal Minds cast had a virtual hangout.

-A bored Seth Rogen got stoned, watched Cats, freaked out — and live-tweeted the whole thing.

-People are going stir-crazy, which probably led to Oprah‘s name trending due to a crazy and untrue rumour about her being arrested in a child sex ring.

Jennifer Ehle posted video of her reading Pride & Prejudice and it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Robert Pattinson wants to remind you that Twilight was weird as f*ck. “Even before Twilight, I was doing weird stuff. And to be honest, I always thought Twilight was pretty weird. It’s really just the kind of marketing that made it mainstream. If you look at any interview I did, I would be pushing the chewing through placenta, any element which I could make gross, like I’d push and push and push it to the front. But you know you can’t compete with one guy against the whole marketing department going, ‘It’s a romantic odyssey, it’s beautiful.’ It’s like, ‘No, it’s disgusting [laughs].'”

-One of my very favourite things is the Austin 100, NPR’s annual streaming list of 100 songs you should check out from artists playing SXSW. Now that the fest is cancelled, it’s even more important to give these bands the lift they’re losing out on.

-Little Fires Everywhere dropped its first three episodes on Hulu early! Joshua Jackson announced the news in a super cute photo.

-Also, Jodie Turner-Smith tweeted “objectifying my husband on the internet is my kink and i thought you guys knew this by now” and I love her so much.

Brandon Routh continues to use his exit interviews to make it known that he was NOT happy about leaving Legends of Tomorrow.

-Speaking of Legends cast members, here’s a short film Caity Lotz wrote and directed.

-Black Widow is the latest big movie to get postponed.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a man hunting for his daughter’s killer in The Postcard Killer trailer.



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