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Is Beyonce Pregnant Or Just Messing With Us?

Beyonce‘s belly bump watch just kicked into high gear thanks to this video from her new tour, in which she appears to cup her stomach. I dunno; she just had twins a year ago and she posed with a Corona just last week.

-In news that should surprise no one, Johnny Depp is being sued for allegedly punching a location manager on the City of Lies set. The lawsuit claims the actor screamed obscenities at the crew member and punched him twice in the ribs, then offered him $100,000 to punch back.

Robin Wright broke her silence about costar Kevin Spacey, making it clear she didn’t have a friendship with him beyond the House of Cards set. In her Today Show interview, she says “Kevin and I knew each other between action and cut, and in between setups, where we would giggle. I didn’t really …I didn’t know the man. I knew the incredible craftsman that he is.”

-Also, costar Patricia Clarkson credits her for saving the show after the scandal. “Robin led all of this charge so that people would save their livelihoods, because when the show goes away, some people don’t get paid. I think it’s going to be a stunning, stunning new season and I’m thankful for it.”

-Is 24 the new age for celebrities to get engaged? And cripes, is that another pear-shaped diamond?!

Gal Gadot stopped by a children’s hospital in Virginia dressed like Wonder Woman and the photos are lovely.

-I really like Dwayne Johnson‘s response to those tough Baywatch reviews: “It’s not that critics didn’t like it. They … hated it. But to clarify, it’s not audience first, critics never. Critics love movies, and we’re all in this business together.”

-Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams wants a new trial to lower his $50K monthly child support bill.

-I don’t love the olive green Ralph Lauren dress that Meghan Markle wore to Prince Louis‘ christening today, but Princess Charlotte was always going to steal the show anyway.

Harvey Weinstein appeared in court and  pled not guilty to new sexual assault charges, and won’t face home confinement. Also, he’s apparently working as a paralegal on his own case.

-The new chief of Warner laid out his vision for HBO — and he basically wants to turn it into Netflix. This is so weird and misguided. HBO has an established and respected brand and tone; Netflix’s original content strategy just seems to be throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks without worrying about bloat or quality.

Drake‘s Scorpion is now the first album to reach 1 billion streams in a week. I’m happy for him; I just wish it was a better album.

-Also, Drake‘s new freestyle “Behind Barz” seems to be about Kanye West.

-I’m both impressed and not at all surprised that Lin-Manuel Miranda deals with mean people by being unfailingly cheerful until they feel so bad they end up apologizing.

Stan Lee has dropped his $1 billion lawsuit against his former company.

-Lawrence is nowhere to be seen and Issa looks like she’s still living with Daniel in the new Insecure promo.

-The ladies of Litchfield try to adjust to life in maximum security in the season 6 trailer for Orange Is The New Black.

-Gross. Jerry O’Connell  is hosting a show called Real Men Watch Bravo this fall, because god forbid we don’t coddle masculine fragility. Straight white dudes exhaust me.

Sacha Baron Cohen released a short preview of his new Showtime show Who Is America, which he says he’s been undercover secretly filming it for a year. In the clip, he gets Dick Cheney to autograph his “waterboarding kit.”

Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy are currently shooting the IT sequel in Toronto, and her IG stories make it seem like they’re having a great time. They dined at Kasa Moto on Saturday (so close to my house!) and then she got him to demonstrate proper hand washing technique.

Emma Stone, Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz star in the first trailer for The Favourite. (I love that they’re using the British spelling.) It’s from the director of The Lobster, a movie I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around.

Tiffany Haddish Dons Valentino Haute Couture for W


Tiffany Haddish is crushing it in haute couture on the new W cover. The inside shots are equally wonderful.

-This year’s TIME’s 100 Most Influential List has arrived and the profiles (which are written by other famous people) are often wonderful. Some notable ones: Lynda Carter wrote about Gal GadotJudd Apatow wrote about Kumail NanjianiKevin Hart wrote about Tiffany HaddishMindy Kaling wrote about Issa Rae, Naomi Watts wrote about Nicole KidmanAnne Hathaway wrote about Hugh Jackman, Lupita N’yongo wrote about Trevor NoahSarah Paulson wrote about Sterling K Brown, and Chris Pratt wrote about John Krasinski.

-I’m sooo curious about the blind item at the end of this article, which says an hour-long TV drama that’s listed as a “safe bet” for renewal may not return after all because the male lead has become so impossible to work with. The site’s current safe bet dramas are Blacklist, Scorpion, Lethal Weapon, Lucifer, Prison Break, and Chicago Med. I don’t watch any of those…but I still wanna know!

Beyoncé will “switch up a couple things” for her Coachella weekend two set, one of her dancers says. Unfortunately, it won’t be live-streamed anywhere.

Cardi B visited Ellen for the first time and explained just how she got pregnant… by showing photos of her twerking at Coachella.

Kanye West is dropping two albums this summer — one solo and one with Kid Cudi.

-This video of how actors get paid (residuals, scale, day rates) is kind of fascinating.

Justin Theroux reportedly met his new girl at the gym. I don’t know how that happens. After about 7 minutes at the gym, I look like I’m having the inside of my skull sandpapered…

-Angelina Jolie expertly flies a plane over desert in a new documentary, proving there really is nothing she can’t do.

-Riverdale aired its musical episode last night, and all anyone can talk about is Archie’s dorky dancing.

-Why is Javier Bardem staunchly defending Woody Allen?! (Though frankly, this explains a lot about when I saw him at TIFF years ago.)

-Scandal wraps up tonight with the series finale, and there’s been a lot of articles about how it changed the game. I especially like this one on its legacy.

-Gosh, I continue to like Terry Crews a whole lot. “Masculinity can be a cult.”

-Speaking of celebs I adore, Letitia Wright rapped about Red Lobster and vibranium for Jimmy Fallon.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Stephen Colbert teamed up to sell GOOP-like products, including a set of five “Dream Twigs,” made from “self-actualized wood that volunteered to become pencils,” and a journal titled “My Incoherent Ramblings.”  Proceeds go to public schools.

-The Crazy Rich Asians trailer is finally (finally!!) dropping on Monday. This sneak peek has me excited.

-The final Deadpool 2 trailer makes fun of other superheros and features an awesome moment for Rob Delaney as Peter. But damn, why so much TJ Miller still?

The Golden Globes 2018 Red Carpet Makes A Statement with #TimesUp

Embed from Getty Images

This was the most unusual red carpet I’ve ever seen in my 10+ years of covering award shows. Every nominee and major star who walked the red carpet wore black in support of the #TimesUp movement in an effort to bring awareness to the cause. And that was great. As was the amount of famous women who brought activists  as their dates (a move that was reportedly led by Michelle Williams).

But it wasn’t without frustrations. As I worried about before the show, talking about fashion at all seemed to be frowned about — despite all the hard work the designers and stylists put into helping the stars make this statement. (This thread from the Go Fug Yourself ladies covers it more eloquently than I ever could.) And most frustratingly, the women seemed to be the only ones being asked about #TimesUp movement, putting the burden of solidarity totally on them, while men got the typical questions about their nominations and roles, which further made the movement seem more symbolic than transformative.

That being said, fashion-wise this might have been one of the best red carpets we’ve seen in a while. Perhaps because the gowns were all black, there seemed to be more focus on impeccable tailoring and stunning accents & accessories. Here are my 10 favourites of the night:

  Embed from Getty Images

Saoirse Ronan has been knocking it out of the park during her Lady Bird press tour and at the start of this awards show circuit with her dedication to mixing it up and keeping it fresh. She looks sleek and cool in Atelier Versace.

  Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of sleek and cool, this is a great look for Jessica Chastain. Her Armani Prive fit her like a glove.

  Embed from Getty Images

Pants was a big theme of the night, whether it was skirts over pants (Christina Hendricks, Alison Brie) or just a straight up lady suit. I don’t think anyone did it better than The Handsmaid’s Tale star Alexis Bledel in Oscar de la Renta.  

Embed from Getty Images

Gawd, is there anyone cooler than Tracee Ellis Ross? The black dress code didn’t stop her from serving up a whole lotta look in Marc Jacobs.  

Embed from Getty Images

I usually find Dakota Johnson a snoozefest at these things, but the back of her Gucci gown was stunning.

  Embed from Getty Images

Gal Gadot is all business in a Tom Ford column dress and blazer. I felt like the slit was a slightly awkward length, but she still made it work.

  Embed from Getty Images

Insecure’s Issa Rae takes a dramatic plunge in this stunning Prabal Gurung gown with perfectly paired Lorraine Schwartz accessories.  

Embed from Getty Images

Allison Janney proved black doesn’t have to mean boring in this in Mario Dice with daring cutouts.

  Embed from Getty Images

Viola Davis was her usual stunning self. She’s pretty much the only person who can wear valor and still make me love it.

  Embed from Getty Images
Allison Williams stretched the black dress code further than most in this Armani Prive with a colourful bodice.