Ellen Pompeo & Katherine Heigl Reunite

-Honestly, I was hoping the Actors on Actors between Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl, but they didn’t really get into Heigl’s acrimonious exit from Grey’s too much. They talked about becoming a meme (Pompeo: “My daughter and her friends, they sit around and they’re like, ‘Oh, she’s a ‘pick me girl.’ I’m like, ‘Hello?! Do you know who invented the ‘pick me girl’?”) and awkward encounters with fans (Heigl: “[This young girl] goes “Do you know Izzie Stevens?” And I go [smugly], ‘Yeah.’ And she goes, ‘Are you her mother?’ [shocked] I was like, ‘How old are you?’ and she said, ‘I’m 17’ and I was like ‘Go. Away.'”)

Jenna Ortega, Elle Fanning, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Natasha Lyonne, Ayo Edebiri and Devery Jacobs were on THR’s TV Comedy Actress Roundtable to talk fighting stereotypes, digesting studio notes and the prospect of playing Pete Davidson’s girlfriend. Fanning recalled a terrible comment earlier in her career (“I was literally 16 and this person said ‘Oh, she didn’t get the father/daughter road trip comedy because she’s unfuckable”), while Reservation Dogs star Jacobs very respectfully and gently asked corrected the others’ language (“For us, we call ourselves Indians but for other people I would say indigenous or Native Americans. I say that with all the love…Indian is more like a joke that we’ve reclaimed for ourselves”).

-I very much liked this profile on Harrison Ford in Esquire. He seems like such a hard interview but this one felt surprisingly human.

-Speaking of good profiles, Bella Ramsey covers Vanity Fair and they talk about Pedro Pascal’s “daddy” rep (“I very much played into it at the beginning, but now I’m worried it’s gone too far. I don’t know whether he’s still loving it; I need to ask him”), and staring on Game of Thrones (“It was weird, suddenly having no friends at school to everyone wanting to be my friend. I saw right through it, though. I think they thought I was being a diva by not spilling the beans. But I was scared. I mean, I signed NDAs!”).

Meghann Fahy and Theo James chat about playing a couple on White Lotus, and Fahy has a theory about why her character took Ethan to that island: “From Daphne’s perspective, taking him to the island was a strangely compassionate moment. She saw how ill-equipped he was to deal with the situation he’d found himself in, and she’s got this whole toolbox.”

Cuba Gooding Jr. settled a lawsuit that accused him of rape, narrowly averting a trial in New York federal court on Tuesday.

-Though we don’t get a full excerpt this time, here’s some of what Mo Ryan wrote about the Sleepy Hollow set in her new book, Burn It Down.  I’m not surprised by how terribly Nicole Beharie was treated, but I am pretty disappointed in Tom Mison‘s reported role in it. They always seemed really tight while doing press, so I had hoped he tried to have her back.

-This is a very good read on how TV’s transition from linear network to streaming binges has broken the industry.

-Netflix is doing it’s big “Tudum” event on June 17, where they’ll unveil new trailers and sneak peeks for what’s coming in the next year.

Kim Cattrall heads a makeup empire in the trailer for Netflix’s Glamourous.

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