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Reese Witherspoon Is An Influencer

reese witherspoon time

Reese Witherspoon‘s media company Hello Sunshine (which secures screen rights for books and articles in an effort to provide women in Hollywood with quality material) was named one of Time’s most influential companies.

-Welp, it keeps getting worse. Anthony Hopkins’ reps reportedly pleaded for him to be allowed to deliver his acceptance speech via Zoom since the 83-year-old didn’t want to travel to the Oscars hubs in Dublin or London, but the Academy didn’t allow it.

Glenn Close insists her “Da Butt” dance was “completely spontaneous” — but she had a little help leading up to it. “We had the MOST FUN at our table at the Oscars last night. Chris Terrio, one of my best friends, who won an Oscar for the screenplay of Argo, was my gallant escort. Daniel Kaluuya and Darrell Britt-Gibson were wonderful table mates. I knew that Lil Rel was going to quiz me about ‘Da Butt’ and all three guys helped me run through what I was to say. Darrell insisted that I mention the Backyard Band, on top of E.U., Suga Bear and the whole DMV. I had googled ‘Da Butt’ and watched Spike [Lee]’s music video so when Lil Rel asked if I could do the dance…you can actually see me think of the video. That part was completely spontaneous. Daniel, Darrell and Chris egged me on!!! It was ALL their fault.”

-This was a good piece on how this year’s Oscars ceremony did nothing to help boost the visibility of the nominees.

-After her Oscar win, Yoon Yeo-Jung made it clear in a Korean interview that she wasn’t fangirling Brad Pitt. I’m not sure her complaints about his production company not upgrading her flights when making Minari make sense though. It was a tiny movie with a tiny budget, so that seems par for the course.

Joe Rogan currently has the number 1 podcast on Spotify, which means millions and millions of people are listening to him, and he’s using his huge platform to say stupid shit like this.

Britney Spears‘ sandwich tutorial on Instagram is very sweet, if a little confused.

-Meanwhile, after years of silence, Britney Spears is set to speak in court on her long-standing conservatorship case.

Elizabeth Banks will star in and executive produce an animated update of The Flintstones, titled Bedrock.

-Wanna be neighbours with Drake? This $45 million under-construction mansion on his street just hit the market.

-There was lots of chatter on Twitter today about Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson getting a divorce, but I don’t see any credible sourcing. The only news about them recently is they’re selling their Hollywood Hills home.

-A camera operator on Tom Cruise‘s 1988 comedy Cocktail recalled the time the actor saved Elisabeth Shue‘s life from a helicopter blade: “He lunged after her, but only was able to grab her legs, tackling her to the ground..In that instant, he truly saved her life.” He was also recently spotted saving a cameraman from falling off a train during a stunt on the production of the latest Mission: Impossible movie. It’s kind of astounding how many times Cruise has been a real-life hero, but also — why are movie sets death traps?

-Oof. St. Vincent reportedly got an interview pulled because she found the questions “aggressive.” This trend of musicians fighting against music journalists for simply doing their job is getting old.

-The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s head writer tried to explain one of the show’s worst decisions. It reminds me of this Ringer piece about how the show raised a bunch of tough questions it just wasn’t equipped to explore.

-This is a lovely thread on celebs who are nice. I love whenever these come around.

-Legends of Tomorrow is the only show that can drop a trailer featuring time-travelling aliens, characters turning into cartoons, and a spoof of The Masked Singer, and I’m still all “let’s gooooooooo!”

-I’m really liking Shadow and Bone on Netflix, mostly because they made a number of smart changes from the book that improved a number of its characters.

Lily James stars in the new trailer for the BBC One miniseries The Pursuit of Love.

Rose Byrne plays a quietly tormented ’80s housewife whose life changes when she discovers aerobics in the trailer for Apple+’s Physical. Yes, please!!


Lizzo Is an Entertainer of the Year

succession regina king ew

EW’s Entertainers of the Year include LizzoAwkwafina, Renée Zellweger, Regina King, Taika Waititi and the cast of Succession.  I love how everyone is lusting over the Jeremy Strong pic. I don’t see it as Kendall but his real life photo shoots bring a whole other energy. Also, Sarah Snook talks in her adorable real accent in the video and she so wonderfully perky and un-Shiv-like.

-Time also named Lizzo the entertainer of the year. My Spotify Wrapped rankings would agree.

-Well, it now makes more sense why Justin Timberlake broke his silence on the affair rumours long after the story had died down. According to Us Weekly, “Jessica encouraged Justin to put out his statement on Instagram because she felt embarrassed by his actions and wanted him to take accountability.” People is quoting a source who says Jessica will stand by her man: “Obviously Justin drank too much this time, but Jessica believes he didn’t cheat on her. What’s most important to her in life is her family and being the best mom to Silas. She’ll never break up her family over something like this.”

-Meanwhile, Bette Midler wants Justin Timberlake to publicly apologize to Janet Jackson. Don’t we all?

-In the Hollywood Reporter, Reese Witherspoon addresses the backlash over her sizeable paycheque for Apple’s The Morning Show. “I guarantee these companies are real smart, and if they agree to pay us, they’re doing it for a reason. They probably had a lot of lawyers and a lot of business people decide on that number because they knew that they were going to make more than that back. Does it bother people when Kobe Bryant or LeBron James make their contract?”

-The SAG nominations were announced today. It’s insane that Knives Out isn’t nominated for ensemble cast, but good on the cast of Parasite for making the cut (I finally saw that movie and holy s%$# it’s amazing).

Harvey Weinstein and his former studio have a tentative $25 million deal with his accusers. Weinstein, accused of offenses ranging from sexual harassment to rape, won’t have to apologize, admit wrongdoing or pay his own money.

-How did I miss all the GIFs of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s penis this week? (NSFW, obvs)

-As we recover from the first half of the CW crossover (which just isn’t as fun as they usually are, right?) here’s the first trailer for the CW’s newest superhero show Stargirl, starring Luke Wilson.

-Look, I don’t even go here but why is the Star Wars cast shading Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi? He did what he had to do.

-Holy cow the trailer for Promising Young Woman, starring Carey Mulligan, looks amazing! It costars Connie Britton, Molly Shannon, Alison Brie, Adam Brody and Max Greenfield.

Channing Tatum’s Abs Are Everywhere (But We’re Not Complaining)


Channing Tatum‘s abs are all over the magazine stand this week. The People cover is slightly more restrained than EW’s (which made me lots of friends on the subway last night), but it’s still pretty ab-tastic.

-I’m going to see Magic Mike XXL tonight (holla!). Here’s Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon performing scenes written by elementary school kids who were only given the title of the movie.

Will Arnett is single again and spends every night crying himself to sleep knowing that he let precious unicorn Amy Poehler go (I might be making assumptions about that last part…)

Harris Wittels‘ sister wrote a piece for HuffPo on her late brother and dear god it’s a heart blender.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continue to bend the universe to their will.

-Want to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s butt? Flaunt magazine has your back (and his).

-Don’t worry, Lisa Lampanelli. I would probably cry if I saw Alexis Bledel at a Bed Bath & Beyond, too.

-Happy birthday, Mindy Kaling! Here are 11 times you said something awesome.

-Sadness: Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved to hospice care as her condition continues to deteriorate.

Vanessa Hudgens thinks her understudy ruined the final night of her Broadway show, calling it “one of the most awkward moments of my entire life.” Clearly, she’s repressed Spring Breakers.

Amanda Peet says Game of Thrones isn’t misogynistic, and she would know, since she’s married to one of its showrunners. Um, ok?

-If there’s anything better than seeing Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie towering over tiny actresses, I haven’t seen it.

-I didn’t love Dave Eggers‘ The Circle, but I’ve got nothing but love at the news that Emma Watson and Tom Hanks will star in the adaptation.

Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue were spotted looking cozy together in London. They’ve been friends for ages, but they make so much more sense than him and JLaw, no?

-God bless Chris Rock for calling out Terrence Howard’s violent past…in front of Terrence Howard.

Leonardo DiCaprio just invested in a mattress company.

Rick Ross has been arrested on assault and kidnapping charges because of course. He’s been denied bail and is currently being held in Fayette County Jail.

-There are rumours that Ben Affleck just landed a deal to direct his own solo Batman movie. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to film himself jerking off?

-A new Arrow blooper reel? Gimme!

-Speaking of Arrow, The CW just announced that all of their shows won’t return until October. Stop trying to make me get a life, CW!

-FNL & Parenthood creator Jason Katims got yet another TV deal? He’s pretty much going to be responsible for all of TV soon…which doesn’t sound so bad, actually.

-Meanwhile, here’s another great article on the need for more women behind the scenes on TV.

Seth Meyers and his soundalike/lookalike (though slightly more attractive) brother went day-drinking in Brooklyn, making me want to be friends with Seth Meyers and his brother.