Anna Camp and Skylar Astin’s Pitch Perfect Wedding

-Awww! Pitch Perfect costars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin got married this weekend. Guests included PP alums Elizabeth Banks, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson.

-Sadness: Alexis Arquette has died at 47. The family issued a statement today.

-I saw Nocturnal Animals last night and Michael Shannon stole the movie. Apparently, he also stole the afterparty.

-Speaking of afterparties, Anne Hathaway kind of won me over by changing into overalls and dancing barefoot on a couch at the Colossal one. And I actually saw her eat food. No one eats at these things! (I mean, I do…but I don’t count). Also, her movie is awesome but basically unmarketable.

-I also saw Shia LaBeouf‘s new movie (and liked it — gasp!) but he didn’t attend the screening. He was scheduled to, but then his crazy interview in Variety was published last week where he made a bunch of incendiary remarks (including¬†trashing¬†Steven Spielberg), and suddenly he was reportedly no longer invited.

-Speaking of TIFF, everyone was looking at Nate Parker‘s behaviour this weekend to see if he could appropriately address the controversy and get Birth of a Nation back on the Oscar track. He failed miserably. I don’t think the crowd’s response to the movie matters at this point (because TIFF audiences love everything). That movie is torpedoed.

Gabrielle Union, however, is trying her best to save it.

Amy Poehler notably won her first Emmy this weekend!

-Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston is expecting to win an Emmy next weekend. I mean, Night Of was really, really good but this just seems cocky.

Celine Dion gave Missy Elliott and Britney Spears‘ songs a soulful twist on Ellen.

Solange Knowles went to a Kraftwork concert and did not have much fun.

Cate Blanchett, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kit Harrington and more address the refugee crisis in a powerful new video.

-A recently released former convict becomes involved with an abused wife in the new trailer for The Free World, starring Elisabeth Moss and Octavia Spencer.

Lady Gaga insists “Perfect Illusion” is not about her ex Taylor Kinney.

Ben Affleck rains down gangster fury in Prohibition era Boston the new Live By Night trailer.


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