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October 2016

Beyonce Recreates Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” for Halloween


-Everyone put away your Halloween costumes. Yours will never be better than Beyonce as Salt-N-Pepa and Jay Z as Dwayne Wayne.

-Speaking of going all out for Halloween, Ellen Degeneres and Heidi Klum recreated Sia’s “Chandelier” video. It was actually pretty impressive how hard Heidi went for it.

-Speaking of going for it, once again Colton Haynes went all out for his costume.

Hilary Duff and her boyfriend have apologized for their stupid, offensive Halloween costume choices. How does this BS still happen every year? It’s 2016. There’s no excuse anymore.

-I saw two David S. Pumpkins on the subway this morning. Sadly, neither was Tom Hanks.

-I love and adore that Prince Harry‘s rumored girlfriend is Suits star Meghan Markle. I don’t watch the show but it often tapes next to my office and she is stunning IRL. Reitmans certainly lucked out when they signed her as their celebrity spokesperson earlier this year.

Taylor Swift fans are convinced that she may have reunited with Tom Hiddleston this weekend because they track her movements so closely that it’s little uncomfortable.

-It was a good weekend for pop culture panels. The Hollywood Reporter hosted The Americans panel (I love that Keri Russell argued against getting her forehead vein CGI’d out when she’s angry), while EW brought back the Happy Endings cast (complete with a Hamilton-esque rap).

-Yeah, Mariah Carey is probs gonna go ahead and keep her $10 million engagement ring.

Bryan Cranston says he will move to Canada if Drump becomes president. Just move here anyway! We’re kinda awesome.

Bryan also told a great story about marrying a couple flying over the Hollywood sign.  (I love how Eddie Redmayne is leaning in and hanging on his every word. Same, Eddie. Same.)

-A new Stranger Things promo is all about Barb. Don’t tease me!!

Idris Elba duked it out in his kickboxing debut this weekend, which was recorded by Madonna for some reason. (And not THAT reason, according to Idris.)

Brie Larson needs to burn these shoes with fire.

-According to Michael Douglas, his former costar Val Kilmer is battling cancer.

-This is a great, great piece on the “nasty women of TV comedy,” featuring Samantha Bee, You’re The Worst’s Aya Cash, and Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

-The Los Angeles D.A. office dropped their investigation into an alleged rape by Glee’s Mark Salling due to lack of evidence.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds discover a microscopic alien that’s trying to kill them in the first trailer for Life.

Are Drake and Taylor Swift Dating?

-Wayment. Are Drake and Taylor Swift really dating? Or did she just dare to talk to a man in public and then the inevitable rumours started?

-Now that Mariah Carey‘s engagement may be off, E! is reportedly wondering what do to with her upcoming reality show. Maybe they’ll just focus on her rumoured new (gasp!) lover (gasp!).

-Wait, this is what Charlize Theron looks like after gaining 30 lbs for a role? Kill me now.

Kanye West made a 5-minute birthday video for Kim Kardashian using old family video footage and showed it at his concert. Logically, I realize that this is very sweet but in reality showing the world home videos of my awkward pre-teen years would be my worst nightmare.

-On a new podcastMel Gibson said it’s “annoying” when people bring up his anti-semitic comments because they’re a “thing in the past.” Then my friend Barry interviewed him and things got even more awkward. “I made the necessary apologies at the time. People can either accept them or they don’t have to. But I’ve done my part…That was, like, 10 years ago. It’s old, Barry, it’s so old. I’ve moved on, and I wish everyone else would.”

-Should Leonardo DiCaprio give back his $25M Wolf of Wall Street salary if the money was from a “corrupt” source?  I haven’t even finished this article but I’m gonna go ahead and say yes.

-Deadpool 2 has already found a new director in John Wick’s David Leitch. Good luck going from Keanu to Ryan, buddy.

Amy Schumer is defending her version of Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video by saying “it was NEVER a parody“. Well, that’s one way to go, I guess. The wrong way, but still.

Daisy Ridley talked about dealing with those accusations that The Force Awakens’ Rey is a “Mary Sue” character. That criticism doesn’t make sense to me because that’s not what being a Mary Sue even means.  Instead of cloaking it in a canon term, haters should just have been upfront about what they didn’t like about Rey: she had lady parts.

Stanley Tucci is trying to get you to vote with cute metaphors.

-I don’t watch Pretty Little Liars but this is actually kinda cute: to mark the end of their show, the cast got matching “shhh!” finger tattoos with the first initial of their character.

January Jones is down for a threesome with Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Welcome to the rest of humanity, January!

-The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz were “hired” by Conan.

Chris Hemsworth gives good apology. No “I’m sorry if you were offended” BS here. Good on him.

Leah Remini promises her new A&E show will tackle Scientology abuse, saying,”For too long, this multi-billion-dollar organization bullied victims and journalists to prevent the truth being told.”

-Holy shit, both Joan Jett and Bette Midler were mentors on The Voice this week? Do I need to start watching The Voice?!

Stephen Colbert and Run the Jewels created a new Halloween song, and it’s an instant holiday classic.

-The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh, Once Upon a Time’s Josh Dallas and  Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards star in Sidekick star in a new short film called Sidekick that kinda gutted me.

Mariah Carey Splits from Fiancé James Packer

-Welp! Mariah Carey and her billionaire fiancé James Packer reportedly broke up. TMZ says it happened in Greece last month after he allegedly did “something really bad” involving her assistant. Whatever it was, a source tells People they may still reconcile.

-In much happier news (for me), Mariah is coming to Toronto next week to unveil The Bay’s holiday window. I’m so going.

Anna Kendrick’s reaction to Martha Stewart admitting she’s sexted is the best. Between this and her recent reaction to Robbie Williams’s handjob story on Graham Norton, I just want her to co-couch every interview.

Ewan McGregor, Niall Horan, James Corden and Isla Fisher take turns choosing between answering very personal questions or eating stomach-churning foods. My biggest takeaway from this is that Isla Fisher is Australian!

Hayley Atwell‘s ability to talk with her mouth closed is next level. If her new show was just an hour of this, I’d like it much better.

Justin Timberlake talked about being a total idiot by taking a selfie in a voting booth last night on The Tonight Show, before taking the Best Friends Challenge with Jimmy Fallon.

-Ben Affleck urges his fellow New Englanders to vote in his most Boston accent ever. He looks rough in this, but damn if I’m not still charmed.

-Following that well-received election short, NBC is now eyeing a Will & Grace revival. Hmmm. As much as I enjoyed that show when it was on, it hasn’t aged well. The concept feels so dated now, no? Also, wouldn’t the flash forwards in the finale muck up a revival?

Uma Thurman‘s ex is asking a judge to prohibit her from taking their 4-year-old daughter to Europe while she shoots a movie. He sounds swell!

-Raven-Symone is leaving The View (not surprising) for a That’s So Raven spinoff (ok, I didn’t see that one coming).

Elijah Wood is sick of getting mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe. “I don’t want to fight this guy!”

-Does James Franco winking at you make you want to vote for Hillary Clinton? He certainly hopes so.

Taylor Swift managed to avoid Katy Perry and John Mayer at Drake‘s b-day party by never leaving her table.

Donald Glover‘s mom warned him not to mess up Lando for her. His mom is all of us.

Steven Yeun‘s new Entertainment Weekly cover marks the first time an Asian male has had an EW solo cover. I mean, his character had to die first, but still.

Amy Hill (who is one of those character actors you’ve seen in a million things but can never remember what), just gave a very dishy interview about her past gigs and slammed Mike Myers for being a diva on the Cat in the Hat set. (“There was a guy who held his chocolates in a little Tupperware.  Whenever he needed chocolate, he’d come running over and give him a chocolate.”) She also has not great things to say about Téa Leoni.

Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent made their first public appearance as a couple, and Katy Perry and Emma Stone got to awkwardly come along for the ride.

-Early reviews for Doctor Strange are overwhelmingly positive. So why can’t I muster any enthusiasm about seeing this one?

-Ugh. Fox is reportedly eyeing a “more traditional” episode order for the next season of The X Files. They couldn’t even make six episodes into a cohesive season; how is adding more going to fix that?

-At an event last night, John Oliver slammed Donald Trump for his poor understanding of female anatomy.

-I love and adore James McAvoy, but not enough to watch another M. Night Shyamalan movie. I’ll just watch Starter for 10 for the 30th time instead…