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September 18, 2016

Emmys 2016 Best and Worst Dressed

The good greatly outweighed the bad at this year’s Emmy Awards, which was a lovely change of pace! Here’s my picks for the best and worst on the Emmy red carpet.


She came oh-so-close to crossing the line of “overwhelmed by too much material,” but The Good Place star Kristen Bell ultimately won me over with this dreamy, vacation-inspired Zuhair Murad gown.

Tatiana Maslaney keeps it sleek and simple in a stunning Alexander Wang dress.

I tend to not love pink and I am also usually not a fan of Marchesa, but leave it to Viola Davis to change my mind about both.

Unreal star Shiri Appleby is one of my favourite of the night in a slinky, fresh DVF.

It’s weird and quirky and I’m totally digging Maisie Williams’ Emmy dress, even though I can practically hear you all screaming at me about how much you hate it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s hard to make a giant belly bump work but damn if Kerry Washington doesn’t kill it.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve given Sarah Paulson praise for her red carpet style, but this green Prada is stunning.



Anna Chlumsky has made some fashion missteps in the past, but this is taking things to whole new levels of WTF.

Amy Poehler, I still love you but sometimes you make it so hard…

I actually dig Claire Dane‘s Schiaparelli gown, but the spray tan is ruining the entire look.

I wasn’t really feeling Amy Schumer‘s gown, but she gets points for responding to “Who are you wearing this evening?” with “Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford shoes and an ob tampon.”

The only thing worse than Mandy Moore‘s terribly tiered sheer Prabal Gurung dress is her matching orange blush.

Gwendoline Christie’s dress is an ’80s prom dress nightmare.


TIFF 2016 Recap

I survived another year of TIFF, which was a week full of random celebrity encounters, chatting up strangers (I have 2 coffee dates with people I met in line!), and watching more movies than anyone should probably attempt in a week. Here’s what I saw (from best to worst):

Colossal: Delightfully inventive Anne Hathaway movie that starts off as an adult dramedy about an alcoholic 30-something trying to get her life in order, morphs into a monster movie when Godzilla and a giant robot show up(!), and then turns into a smart commentary on the “nice guy” syndrome. Weird in the best way.

La La Land: Old school, Singing in the Rain-style musical that made me swoon throughout. Seriously, I think I had the vapors at one point. Ryan Gosling is solid as always, but Emma Stone owns this one.

Personal Shopper: I’m not convinced Kristen Stewart can act. She just plays a version of herself everytime, with the same nervous tics and mannerisms. But once again this director proves he knows how to use a “Kristen Stewart type.”

Edge of Seventeen: A teen movie that reminded me of Easy A, which basically means I’m going to watch it eleven million times.

ARQ: Good little timeloop thriller starring Robbie Amell. Could have been 15 mins shorter, but it still kept me engaged throughout. And it just landed on Netflix so now everyone can watch it.

Lion: Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman star in this adoption story/Google Maps ad. A touch too sentimental for me, but everyone’s loving this one. In any case, the kid from Slumdog Millionaire grew up real nice, guys.

Burn Your Maps: Adorable. Jacob Tremblay is a national treasure and we must protect this kid at all costs.

American Honey: Didn’t think I’d like a three-hour movie starring Shia LaBeouf but here we are. It’s totally plotless so the running time is unforgivable, but I got sucked into this one. It was mostly street cast with non-actors, and they found the mesmerizing leading actress on a beach in Panama.

Nocturnal Animals: I liked parts of this Amy Adams/Jake Gyllenhaal movie more than others, but Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson steal the show.

In Dubious Battle: A James Franco-directed film that I didn’t actually hate. I didn’t love it either, but Franco and Selena Gomez don’t embarrass themselves (much).

Wakefield: Is there such thing as “too much” Bryan Cranston? I would have never thought so until now.

Catfight: Female Fight Club, without everything that made Fight Club good. Sandra Oh and Anne Heche violently beat the crap out of each other. Repeatedly. That’s it.