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December 12, 2014

Keira Knightley is Pregnant

Ethan Hawke and Keira Knightley
Ethan Hawke and Keira Knightley cover the latest issue of Variety. (Ben Hassett/Variety)

-Congrats to Keira Knightley, who confirmed those pregnancy rumours to Vogue the day after snagging a Golden Globe nom.

-It’s the last day on the set of Parks and Recreation and the photos the cast and crew are posting are breaking my heart. Look at this and just try not to weep!

-Meanwhile, here are the best answers from Nick Offerman’s Reddit AMA.

Emma Watson and her boyfriend of a year have called it quits.

-Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham has ended her two-year engagement. On the plus side, by all accounts the show has finally figured out how to make her character badass, so that’s something.

-There are more reports that Amber Heard is having second thoughts about marrying Johnny Depp.

George Clooney predicted the Sony hacks in a jokey leaked email to Amy Pascal. (Sidenote: his abuse of ellipses breaks my heart.)

-In other Sony hack news, Kevin Hart has shot back at the email that called him a “whore.”

-Also, one of the leaked emails shows Joel McHale asking for a discount on a Sony TV after Community was cancelled. Smart!

-Meanwhile, a leaked Sony email shows that the Russo brothers may be on board to direct Avengers: Infinity War.

Judd Apatow tweeted that “releasing private Sony emails to hurt people is the same as releasing nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence.” Uh, it’s really not. Here’s a more nuanced view of it.

-Feast upon this super awkward photo of Amy Pascal running into Angelina Jolie following the “spoiled brat” email leak.

-The latest THR roundtable features directors Angelina Jolie (Unbroken), Christopher Nolan (Interstellar), Richard Linklater (Boyhood), Mike Leigh (Mr. Turner), Bennett Miller (Foxcatcher) and Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game). Nolan wins the discussion when he talks about The Dark Knight. “Try making a Batman film — trust me, they’ll come and burn your house down after.”

-If you want to fall even deeper down the Serial rabbit hole, this examination of the cellphone records is pretty eye-opening.

Benedict Cumberbatch will NOT photobomb you, so stop asking him to.

-It’s Tris vs Tris in the new Insurgent trailer.