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December 1, 2014

Scarlett Johansson Got Married

Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics.

-Congrats to Scarlett Johansson, who reportedly wed her baby daddy in a secret ceremony back in September.

-In much less exciting news, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi also got hitched.

Angelina Jolie‘s new movie Unbroken debuted last night in L.A., and the buzz on Twitter seems to indicate that critics might be divided but it’s a crowd-pleaser that’ll play well to Oscar voters.

-Meanwhile, Jolie was reportedly in a car accident following the screening.

-As if I needed another reason to love James McAvoy, here he is duetting with Barry Manilow.

-Sweet! Now that Parenthood is winding down, NBC just gave Lauren Graham a new show that she’ll co-write and star in.

-I am fully aware that the Breaking Bad spinoff will likely be terrible, but damn it if I didn’t get excited by this Better Call Saul footage that aired during last night’s Walking Dead. The world just feels like a better place when Mike Ehrmantraut is back on TV.

-Speaking of The Walking Dead, that could describe their social media manager after the show’s Facebook page posted a huge spoiler before the finale aired on the West Coast.

-As devastating as last night’s Walking Dead ep was, the interviews with the cast member whose fate was affected by it are worse. The fact that said actor cried repeatedly during this interview killed me. And then that person appeared on The Talking Dead and cried some more. I’m dead.

-Meanwhile, showrunner Robert Kirkman felt the need to set  the record, um, straight about Daryl’s sexuality, for some reason.

-Star Wars actor (and all around awesome-seeming guy) John Boyega responded to all those bullshitty “black Stormtrooper” comments by saying “Get used to it.”

-This is a very long, but very engrossing interview with Chris Rock, in which he talks about Obama, Ferguson and what “racial progress” really means. Definitely worth a read.

-Also, this clip of Chris Rock making Matt Lauer squirm on the Today Show is everything.

-Is there anything Jennifer Lawrence can’t do? Her song from Mockingjay is now making its way up the pop charts.

-So Mickey Rourke won his heavily promoted boxing match — except there are now suggestions that his opponent was a homeless man who appeared to take a dive.

-Black Mirror, a British limited series that’s kind of like the Twilight Zone, is now available on Netflix. Every TV critic I love has raved about this show, especially the third episode, which Robert Downey Jr. beat George Clooney to the film rights.

-Speaking of my Georgie, Christian Bale had some harsh words for him. Back off, newsie!

Adnan from the Serial court case is getting another shot at an appeal — but not because of the super popular podcast.

-People of the world! Former Spice Girl Mel B says she dated a mom from her daughter’s school for 4 years, but now she’s “married to a penis.”

-Terrible: Shia LaBeouf‘s art project collaborators have confirmed the actor’s alleged rape.

Jaden Smith wore a space suit to go see Interstellar because everyone just loves sitting behind the guy wearing a giant space helmet, right?

-If you want to preserve your gushy feelings for Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington, you might want to avoid his latest interview in British GQ.

-NBC is burning off the last episodes of Parks and Recreation by airing them back-to-back in Jan and Feb. Twitter reaction is really negative about it, but I dunno. The fact that we’re even getting a seventh season of such a low-rated show seems like a gift.

Andrew Garfield interviews his BFF Eddie Redmayne for Gotham magazine. I saw those two together at a TIFF party a couple of months ago; the bromance runs strong.

Benedict Cumberbatch remains the bestest. While some actors would shy away from their rabid admirers, he defended his fans, saying they’re “very intelligent, smart, driven, independent girls.”

Madonna‘s brand new song has leaked online — the same day her topless photos in Interview magazine landed.  Hmmm….

Kate Hudson, Julianne Hough and Cara Delevingne challenged each other to a family Thanksgiving dance battle — and the results were pretty great.

-Colin Firth does his best Bond in the new trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service.