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January 2015

Game of Thrones Trailer Debuts

-The official season 5 Game of Thrones trailer has arrived. Um, where the hell’s Brienne?!


-Yikes. Suge Knight has been charged in a fatal hit-and-run. HIs lawyer says men attacked him and he was afraid for his life.

-I still haven’t steeled myself to watch the Parenthood series finale, but here are three deleted scenes from last night’s episode.

-Speaking of last night’s TV, Scandal was nutso. I’m still not really sure what that was, but it was ballsy as f*ck.

-Vulture just posted the first chapter of David Duchovny’s debut novel. It’s about a talking cow. For reals.

-Also, I love that he admits to reading X Files fan fiction.

Katy Perry asked Bruno Mars for Super Bowl advice by writing an adorable email.

Ryan Gosling is so wonderful, he even makes Russell Crowe bearable by proximity.

-It looks like Johnny Depp‘s wedding to Amber Heard is going ahead — and soon.

-I don’t understand AnnaLynne McCord‘s love life. She went from dating Dominic Purcell to Rick Fox.

-There was a That ’70s Show reunion when Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Danny Masterson were spotted celebrating  Wilmer Valderrama’s birthday.

-Congrats to Shakira and Gerard Piqué on the birth of their baby boy, who they named Sasha.

-The new 50 Shades trailer is getting everyone hot ‘n bothered. Reportedly.

Keira Knightley Is a Spelling Mistake


Keira Knightley looks awesome on the cover of Elle UK, where she talks about how her name is the result of a spelling error.

Justin Bieber was a surprise guest on Ellen, and afterwards posted a video of how nervous he was, saying “I didn’t want to come off arrogant or conceited or basically how I’ve been acting the past year and a half.” It’s actually kind of sweet.

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s latest issue of GOOP says you should steam your vagina, while an OB/GYN really wishes you wouldn’t.

-Meanwhile, even Gwyneth’s mom still doesn’t understand what conscious uncoupling means.

Joss Whedon is as frustrated about the state of female superhero movies as the rest of us.

-The Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series continues to sound amazing. They just added Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, and Kristen Wiig to the cast.

-It’s Parenthood’s last episode tonight. Are you ready? Do you have an ample supply of tissues on hand? To prep your tear ducts, here’s a heartfelt tribute to the show penned by its creator, and a look back at all the times it made you sob uncontrollably.

-Plus, the cast has spent the day tweeting their sadness.

-Serial and Sarah Koenig want your ideas for Season 2, and it doesn’t have to be a crime story.

-I’ve heard only great reviews about ABC’s new sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, but I’ve never seen a show creator who has to get out of his own way so much. First he did that weird Vulture essay slamming the network, and now he’s called the person behind the show’s Twitter handle “a mouth-breathing psycho.”

Sean Penn says he’s “surprised to be in love” and will consider marriage to Charlize Theron as his “first marriage.” (He did say nice things about first wife Madonna, though. Second wife Robin Wright? Not so much.)

-Fox’s Empire continues to grow in the ratings week over week. This is getting weird.

-There are not enough words to convey how conflicted I feel for hating on Cate Blanchett’s outfit.

-I swear to god Hollywood, if you do a U.S. version of Black Mirror I will punch you in the dick.

-Usually we have to wait until the Super Bowl for all the big new movie trailers, but a bunch of teasers have already landed, including  Tomorrowland, Ted 2 and Terminator Genisys.

Julianne Moore Talks God and Guns

julianne moore hollywood reporter

Julianne Moore looks stunning in the pages of The Hollywood Reporter (though I’m not as in love with the cover). In the story, she talks about getting Twitter flak for her gun control comments, and losing her faith after her mother’s death.

Ewan McGregor is too polite to tell you about his huge penis, so Colin Farrell has selflessly volunteered to spread the word. He’s doing God’s work.

-Speaking of actor junk, no one can stop talking about Chris Messina’s nude scene in his new Sundance film.

Kathryn Hahn absolutely kills it on Celebrity Name Game.

-More details have emerged about Emile Hirsch‘s alleged assault on a Paramount executive. He reportedly put her in a chokehold. Charming as ever, then?

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz enjoyed a very un-Hollywood honeymoon in Wyoming and are now back in LA and looking gushy.

-Here’s a great piece on Tyrese (who’s appearing more than a little desperate to play the Green Lantern) and a history of “thirsty” actors.

Amal Clooney had a perfect response to being asked about her style while representing Armenia in a human rights trial.

-So we’re at the point where Lindsay Lohan is poking fun of her DUIs (AND getting paid for it)? Blurg.

Joss Whedon says Age of Ultron will probably be his last Avengers movie because he wants to go back to making his own stuff. Fingers crossed that includes Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog 2!

-I continue to be so very impressed by Gabrielle Union.

-Speaking of impressive, Emma Watson told a young girl to ignore her dad’s advice and become an engineer.

Taylor Swift is trying to trademark some common phrases, which isn’t really how that works.

Johnny Depp joked that he missed a press conference because he was fighting a chupacabra. (I totally know what that is from The X Files, which basically taught me everything I’ve ever needed to know about life).

-Here are JK Simmonspromos for SNL. I have high hopes for this episode!

-Agent Carter’s ratings dropped again last night, which doesn’t bode well for its renewal chances — or future female Marvel heroes.

-Marley & Me’s Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are reuniting for a new movie called She’s Funny That Way. It looks so very, very bad. Imogen Poots deserves a better movie — and a better accent.