Amy Poehler CAN Have It All (Plus an Extra Order of Waffles)

Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt) and Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) in Parks and Recreation. (NBC)
Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt) and Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) in Parks and Recreation. (NBC)

Note: Two more TIFF screenings to go to and then I’m going to sleep for the rest of the month! I’ll post my (admittedly terrible) photos at some point this weekend. (Although I’m just scrolling through them now, and it seems to be mostly elbows. *Famous* elbows, but still…)

-Gross: Patti Stranger is saying that Amy Poehler‘s success led to her marriage failing. Please make this woman go away.

-Also gross: everyone’s talking about those topless Kate Middleton photos, which were obviously taken from 20 ft. away by a creepy creeping pap. What happened to France having the world’s toughest paparazzi laws? Meanwhile, the editor of the magazine says that the outrage is “disproportionate.” Uh-huh.

Sally Struthers was arrested, charged with DUI, and rewarded with a surprisingly great mugshot in Maine on Thursday.

-Just one day after photographed smoking pot while driving on a suspended license and being ordered to knock it off by a judge, Amanda Bynes got into yet another fenderbender. Why is TMZ doing more than the police to keep this girl off the road?

-The cast of Cougar Town have released a song in anticipation of the new season. Adorabs!

Eva Longoria is dating a New York Jet. Yay?

-I can’t decided if all of this week’s Alison Pill gossip is a coincidence or a total baller move. Either way, it’s not hurting her.

Buzzfeed pulled together a great article called ’17 People with Surprising Google Bacon Numbers.’

-News that Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff are dating is warming my heart guts.

Billy Campbell (who has the best crinkley-eyed smile in Hollywood) just saved some peeps at sea, ’cause that’s how he rolls.

-It’s kind of sweet that Jackson Rathbone asked Twilight costar Nikki Reed to be his kid’s godmother.

-I don’t know if Dr. Phil‘s interview with Dina Lohan is going to be half as good as the preview suggests, but it looks kind of amazing.

-This CW explanation of Dan’s hair evolution on Gossip Girl made my day.

-Speaking of Dan/Penn Badgley, the Globe and Mail named his Jeff Buckley movie one of their six favourite TIFF flicks. I must admit, despite my initial ambivalence it’s one of two I’ve seen so far that’s stayed with me the longest.

-Speaking of TIFF, Wes Bentley was unable to attend because he was denied entry into Canada thanks to a past drug bust.

Kate Hudson is having a great week. She looks amazing on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and she was good on Glee’s surprisingly not-sucky season premiere.

-Meanwhile, Dianna Agron just quit Glee.

Angelina Jolie‘s leg showed up at TIFF last night, but it was attached to Penelope Cruz’s body.

Amy Poehler continues her reign of awesome.

-Speaking of Amy, check out a scene from next week’s Parks and Recreation premiere. She’s looking great! They’ve finally (finally!) figured out her hair colour.

Britney Spears may have done a decent job on The X Factor season premiere, but audiences couldn’t have cared less, judging by the ratings.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were snapped looking all blissed-out in Bedford, NY.

-Despite her cryptic Tweets about needing more passion in her life, Miley Cyrus insists her relationship with Liam Hemsworth is fine.

-What’s worse than a Marchesa show? How about Marchesa show where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are making out in the front row?

-The first official trailer for Lincoln has landed. Just hand Daniel Day-Lewis the Oscar already.

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  • Who is Patti Stranger, and why is she bugging my lovely Amy Poehler?! Although I’m rarely home on Thursday nights to watch Parks and Recreation, I do have my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime feature setup to record the primetime block of NBC every day of the week. This way I never miss any of the new episodes, and I don’t have to remember to hit record. When I started working in one of DISH’s call centers, I started paying closer attention to primetime shows, and it’s because of Leslie Knope that I’ve fallen in love with P&R!

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