Drake Shows Off His Mansion

Drake opened the doors to his Toronto mansion to Architectural Digest, and Twitter has been (deservedly) mocking his decor all day. It’s an over-the-top monstrosity. I know there’s no way he could have known this issue would come out while the world is on fire, but there’s an extra level of grossness to his house’s ludicrous opulence when so many people are struggling.

Tyler Perry picked up the tab for all seniors’ groceries at 44 Atlanta-area Kroger stores.

-This viral Twitter thread that shows the audience reaction to Avengers: End Game on opening night made me really miss going to the movies.

Rosie O’Donnell confirmed that she won’t be back on The View while Whoopi Goldberg is host. She told Howard Stern, “She was mean to me on live TV. When people ask what happened I say go back and watch it. It’s not like, a mystery. Watch the way it went down. I don’t need to say anything.”

-If you’re all up in your Schitt’s Creek feels today, this EW video of Dan Levy and Noah Reid picking wedding cakes should help.

-A bunch of Schitt’s Creek cast members watched last night’s finale over Zoom. The episode was the show’s highest rated ever.

-I have yet to watch the finale because I’m still a few episodes behind, so my weepfest will probably not occur until this weekend. But the reviews for last night’s episode are glowing. Also, the cast has raised over $200k for food banks in the past week.

Jessica Chastain‘s social media presence remains bonkers.

Jennifer Lopez’s new charity show is apparently feel-good fluff.  She needs the good PR after going to a gym last week.

-A bunch of of actors who have played doctors on TV — including Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Olivia Wilde, Neil Patrick Harris, Kal Penn, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Edie Falco, Julianna Margulies, Moira Tierney, Edie Falco, and Jennifer Garnershot a video thanking healthcare workers for their efforts.

This is a really good point: despite everyone talking about all the shows they’re rewatching or marathoning while self-isolating, no one seems to be talking about Game of Thrones. No one.

Janelle Monae takes over as the series lead in Homecoming’s season 2 trailer.

Tigertail drops on on Netflix this Friday and it’s getting great reviews.

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