Pregnant Halle Berry to Wed Olivier Martinez This Weekend?

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)

Halle Berry is reportedly set to marry boyfriend/fetus-daddy Olivier Martinez this weekend.

-I had this really vivid dream the other day that I was interviewing Jesse Eisenberg and he was being a total jerk, which may be why I’m not “awww”-ing over the news that he’s dating Mia Wasikowska. (The fact that this might be the least sexy-looking kiss ever doesn’t help.)

Robin Thicke isn’t happy with all the criticism his “Blurred Lines” video is getting and insists the song isn’t degrading to women (which is all well and good, except for that “what a pleasure it is to degrade a woman” quote he previously made in GQ).

-A video of Justin Bieber peeing in a restaurant mop bucket in New York has surfaced. This kid is the worst! (As is, clearly, his friend who leaked the video.) So far, Anthony Bourdain‘s tweets about it are winning the internet.

-Someone took the time to figure out how much money Stacy Keibler has made since she started dating George Clooney (as if he wasn’t reward enough).

-Meanwhile, George looks relaxed and happy (and ‘stache-free!) following the split.

Rumer Willis just won’t give up the acting dream — no matter how much we’d like her to. Now she’s going to be on Pretty Little Liars.

-The guy who played Bubbles on The Wire once brought a limo full of strippers to a cast baseball game “to act as cheerleaders.” Aw, Bubs!

Jay-Z lip-synched the same song for hours today and called it art.

-I really hope this story about compromising photos of Denzel Washington being shopped around turns out to be bupkis.

Amanda Bynes was reportedly seen talking to herself in court yesterday. She’s either legit crazy or a much better actress than we’ve all given her credit for.

-I love that Joshua Jackson retweeted a Community fan’s idea that he should play Jeff’s brother next season. Make it happen, NBC!

-I also like that he’s retweeting the glowing reviews his girlfriend’s new show The Bridge is getting ahead of tonight’s premiere.

-Watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s emotional goodbye on her last day of The View.

Andrew Garfield continues to be made of awesome. He’s pushing for Mary-Jane, his love interest in the next movie, to be transformed into a gay guy called MJ. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, he wants to cast Friday Night LightsMichael B. Jordan!

-I love the skirt Blake Lively wore to the Turbo premiere (even though she oddly looks like a Cheetos in some of these shots).

-I don’t usually read sports stories but this one actually made me tear up a little.

-Check out photos of the Toronto condo Drake just put on the market for $4.2 million.

-Here’s the first (NSFW) trailer for Spike Lee’s English-language remake of Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy. Shit just got real!

Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya) just posted a couple of adorable Vines together. This video of Joffrey kissing a puppy just can’t compete.

Brandi Glanville responded to the hubbub surrounding those photos of her getting fall-down drunk by tweeting “I got drunk with my gays, it’s not murder.” She’s not wrong.

Isabel Marant modeled a preview of her new line for H&M.

James Franco is going to get roasted on Comedy Central on Sept 2. He posted an Instagram video about it, in which he seems totally thrilled.

-Jezebel is calling bullshit on Charles Saatchi‘s claims that Nigella Lawson strangled him, too.

Nicole Kidman talks about her love of kitten heels in a new Jimmy Choo video.

Stephen Amell posted a video from the first day back on the Arrow set. (Also, it was announced today that geek magnet Summer Glau is joining the show.)

-Man, I’m really liking Zach Braff this week. First he posts a photo of his “totally straight pool snuggle” with Donald Faison, and then he helps a guy propose to his girlfriend.

-Here’s a look at The Newsroom’s new characters. I’m probably going to watch Sunday’s season premiere, because I’m a sucker.

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