Halle Berry’s Ex and Fiance Hospitalized After Brutal Thanksgiving Brawl

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)

-Family drama is to be expected during the holidays, but Halle Barry‘s brood took things a little too far. Her baby-daddy Gabriel Aubrey was arrested after getting into a brutal brawl with her fiance Olivier Martinez while dropping off daughter Nahla at Berry’s house. Both men ended up in the hospital, but have since been released — in Aubrey’s case, into police custody.

George Clooney has the right idea during the holidays: skip all the drama by skipping the country.

-Stars took to Twitter to share their silly Thanksgiving photos.

Amy Poehler appeared on bestie Jimmy Fallon‘s show last night — and the results were predictably adorable.

-Speaking of late night, the best part about David Letterman‘s interview with Scarlett Johansson was when he called her out for pretending to be embarrassed by a photo she posed for.

-Speaking of Scarlett, here’s a new clip from Hitchcock.

SNL’s Bill Hader talks about how he makes up those crazy clubs for Stefan to giggle over.

Jennifer Lawrence may think that everyone in Hollywood considers her “obese,” but they’ll have to change their minds after seeing these bikini pics.

-Four Toronto chefs have transformed Swiss Chalet’s Festive Special into gourmet dinners. Fine, but do they still come with free Lindor?

-For some reason, Oprah thought it would be fun to cook her own Thanksgiving dinner. Celebrities are weird.

Chris Brown cancelled his Guyana show following protests over his assault of Rihanna. Awesome people, those Guyanese.

-Of course, Brown’s rep says the protests had no affect at all.

Ariel Winter‘s sister is not fighting for custody because she wants to get her hands on the actress’ money; she’s married to the Pepsi heir.

Lenny Kravtiz has a crush on Jane Fonda, which makes him even cooler.

-The Bachelor Canada has chosen his producer-picked fiancee. Check out my finale recap here.

-The trailer for Byran Singer‘s Jack the Giant Slayer has landed. Nicolas Hoult is everywhere these days!

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