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July 4, 2013

Heidi Klum Celebrates Independence Day in a Bikini


Heidi Klum is celebrating Independence Day by showing off her insane bikini body on Instagram. So is Mariah Carey. And Miley Cyrus. Ironically, none of these photos appear to be taken in America…

-Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake celebrated the holiday by releasing a (kinda NSFW) music video for “Tunnel Vision.”

-The speed of Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill‘s “relationship” continues to give me whiplash. The pair have been photographed holding hands at a grocery store.

LeAnn Rimes thinks Charlie Sheen is “a doll.” And I think we all know how unimpeachable her judgement is.

-Following yesterday’s baby tweet, Busy Phillips confirmed that she had another girl.

-Rachel Bilson is not super happy that The Bling Ring is profiting off her loss.

-So this is a thing that exists on the interwebs. A wonderful, weird thing.

-Well, you gotta give David Hasselhoff this: the dude knows how to be self-deprecating.

-A 16-year-old Ontario girl just landed a credit on the new Jay-Z album.

-It’s David and Victoria Beckham‘s 14th(!) wedding anniversary.

50 Cent was charged with domestic violence after attacking his ex-girlfriend/baby momma. This surprises me for so many reasons.

-Meanwhile, Fiddy is denying the allegations.

-These photos of Prince Charles visiting the Doctor Who set might be the happiest I’ve ever seen him look. The one with him holding the sonic screwdriver slays me.

-Give it up, ladies. This girl just gave the best maid of honour speech in the history of the world.

-Meanwhile, is it just me or is the Internet littered with stories of ungrateful brides this summer?

Sandra Bullock just broke her all-black streak on The Heat‘s promo tour. Twice!

-I other fashion news, Kristen Stewart is back to wearing that sheer-pants-over-granny-panties look. Ugh.

-Is Ashlee Simpson dating Diana Ross‘s son? More importantly, what is he wearing?!

Idris Elba is pushing for a Luther movie. Yes, please!

-Meanwhile, BBC Canada just announced that the new season of Luther will begin airing here July 18. Whew! This saves me from having to McGuyver my way around the BBC iPlayer’s geo-block.

-Is anyone surprised that Kanye West is not changing diapers? I mean, really?

-Despite rumours, it looks like Russell Crowe and his wife are not estranged after all.

-I liked this article on how the summer box office is proving to be bomb-proof this year — though The Lone Ranger might just change all that this weekend if early receipts are any indication.

-I don’t want to alarm anyone, but Kristen Stewart actually looks kind of…happy.

-On the other hand, Gwyneth Paltrow is looking really, really unhappy.

-Here’s first trailer for Lovelace, the biopic about porn legend Linda Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfried.