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June 2013

Blue Ivy’s Regal Wardrobe


Beyonce proves her daughter is hip-hop royalty by posting a photo of Blue Ivy wearing a crown.

Alec Baldwin had a hissy fit on Twitter after a Daily Mail reporter accused his wife of Tweeting during Gandolfini‘s funeral. It wasn’t pretty.

-In this heartbreaking video, Bette Midler makes a phone call to a superfan who is dying of cancer. When she began tearfully serenading her with “Wind Beneath My Wings,” I totally lost my shit.

-The guys in One Direction just can’t stop grabbing at each other.

-Is Paz de la Huerta pregnant? That poor kid.

James Wood has somehow managed to land yet another inappropriately young girlfriend. The 66-year-old actor’s new arm candy is 20.

-The girl who plays Arya on Game of Thrones continues to make the world’s cutest Vines.

-Good news for Robert Pattinson: his gritty new movie just landed distribution.

Moving vans were spotted outside Nigella Lawson‘s house, strengthening rumours that she’s left choke-hold enthusiast Charles Saatchi.

-These photos of Miley Cyrus making out with her doll make me really uncomfortable.

-The documentary How To Make Money Selling Drugs, which got great buzz at TIFF, comes out today. Here’s a clip of Eminem talking about how his prescription drug addiction almost killed him.

-It makes me weirdly giddy to learn that Pitch Perfect costars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin may be dating.

-Here’s our first look at Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah.

-I can’t stop staring at John Travolta‘s hair in these photos. I just can’t.

Glee‘s Matthew Morrison is engaged to his girlfriend of two years.

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to live like a frat boy.

Channing Tatum says they’re going to up the camp/cheese factor in the Magic Mike sequel. That’ll make some people happy. I saw the original opening night in a theatre which was filled with bachelorette/girls-night-out cliques, and at one point about  30 minutes in, some woman said really loudly, “Why is there so much, like, dialogue?!?” It was amazing.

-This really is the most depressing GIF of Justin Bieber you’ll ever see.

Kim Kardashian‘s publicist want you to know that she really loves breast-feeding, ok?

-The New Yorker‘s marriage equality cover featuring Bert and Ernie is perfection.

Idris Elba looks so cold in this new Luther promo. I’d totally volunteer to warm him up.

Cher says Tom Cruise is in “the top 5” when it comes to guys she’s slept with. Anyone else just go to a really bad visual place?

Jennifer Lopez, Lena Dunham and Prince have been invited to become voting Oscar members.

-The quote from Jason Bateman at the end of this article MAKES MY LIFE.

-A clip from Nymphomaniac has surfaced. It’s, um…yeah.

-If it were anyone else, I’d roll my eyes over how Aaron Paul‘s Instagram is filled with photos and videos of him gushing over his new wife (whom he calls “his little bird,” which is kind of WTFy.) But damn if I don’t find this super sweet. Must be blinded by my Jesse Pinkman love…

(click image to play)

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New Veronica Mars Photos Reveal Romance Scoop

Kristen Bell in the Veronica Mars movie. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

-The first official Veronica Mars movie still has been released. Also, a whole bunch of spoilery photos from the set just leaked and everyone is getting upset about them, which is silly because how can anyone honestly believe that Logan and Veronica aren’t endgame? (Speaking of Logan, I recently rewatched the pilot and had completely forgotten what a total monster he started out as. Still ship ’em, though.)

-There was a private wake for James Gandolfini in New Jersey, followed by a funeral today attended by his friends, family and costars in NYC. Try to get through reading David Chase’s eulogy without crying.  Just try.

Sandra Bullock dropped the f-bomb on the Tonight Show last night.

-The lawyers of a NYU professor have been attempting to serve James Franco defamation papers for 136 days, but they can’t find him. They just need to go to the most pretentious place they can think of and wait for his arrival. Start with a vegan restaurant that also sells unicycles.

Jimmy Kimmel just proved that Beliebers are as dumb as you’d expect.

-Eek! Justin Theroux showed off way too much while jogging recently. Who does he think he is, Jon Hamm?

Emma Stone went back to red hair and the world breathed a little easier.

Eva Longoria‘s ex Tony Parker might be engaged — or he might just be bad at Twitter.

– I have no interest in seeing a Jason Statham movie, but I’d love to go drinking with him.

-Just because he needed to look even weirder, Homeland star Damian Lewis just shaved his head.

-This is kind of amazing: if you donate to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, you’re entered for a chance to attend the Breaking Bad premiere in LA. Not only will you get to go as Bryan Cranston’s special guest, you’ll get to arrive with him in an RV!

Rihanna got a restraining order against a crazed fan who was creeping on her roof.

-More photos of Cameron Diaz and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on the set of their new movie has surfaced. SO. DAMN. PRETTY. She’s ok, too.

-In other Cameron Diaz movie news, a still from her new film with Penelope Cruz shows them lounging topless by a pool.

Connie Britton as Wendy Davis? Yes, please!

Kat von D and Deadmau5 broke up and they’re not even pretending that it’s amicable. She accused him on Twitter of cheating, which he has since denied.

Stephen Colbert continues to be the absolute greatest.

Amanda Bynes has set her sights on her sister, calling her “ugly” on Twitter. She’s also saying mean things about Zac Efron.

Beyonce’s new song “Standing on the Sun” just landed.

Julianne Moore is reportedly being considered for the role of President Coin in the last two Hunger Games movies. Me likey!

-It looks like Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are still going strong.

-Also still truckin’ along: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

-Huzzah! Scott Speedman is coming back to TV! (In a show about “human sexuality,” which is just icing on the cake.)

The outtakes from Jimmy Kimmel‘s “Channing All Over Your Tatum” might actually be funnier than the original video.

Emma Watson Takes a Step Back from Fashion

Emma Watson covers the latest issue of Teen Vogue and proves she can even make a mullet look good. In the interview, she talks about distancing herself from fashion because she didn’t want people to think that was her “main thing.” She also claims she only has eight pairs(!) of shoes.

-Speaking of fashion, Miley Cyrus chose to wear leather granny panties on Jimmy Kimmel last night. It was the wrong choice.

Paula Deen was on the Today Show this morning, and her non-apology was excruciating to watch. She didn’t say sorry once, and she actually said “I is who I is and I’m not changing.” Those are words that really came out of her mouth! No wonder her appearance is getting slammed.

-Meanwhile, she’s hired crisis fixer Judy Smith, who Kerry Washington‘s character on Scandal is based on. Just in time, too: WalMart just dropped her.

-It looks like we’re just weeks away from the first Catching Fire trailer.

Melissa Etheridge celebrated today’s marriage equality victory by announcing her engagement to Linda Wallem. Chopped host Ted Allen also announced his engagement to his boyfriend of 20 years.

Party Down reunion! Ken Marino and Martin Starr just joined the Veronica Mars movie. I continue to be cautiously optimistic.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds made a rare appearance in Spain yesterday. Barcelona is just a foodie town, and she claims to be a foodie so she must be in heaven. Last time I was there I was served chicken sashimi. Do you think Blake Lively would be down with raw chicken?

-This Mad Men/The OC mashup is everything.

-It fills me with glee that Body Break‘s Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod have joined the Amazing Race Canada.

GQ has an excerpt from Brett Martin‘s Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It’s a long but fascinating read about the night James Gandolfini didn’t show up to work (and it’ll make you never, ever want to work for David Chase).

Natasha Lyonne just revealed that she and Chloë Sevigny are travel buddies who often “go on crazy adventures” together. Anyone else smell a sitcom?

Courteney Cox is dating the guy who plays her ex-husband on Cougar Town. Didn’t those rumours first surface a year ago?

Aziz Ansari and Reggie Watts improvised a song about sandwiches. Or should I say sandoozles?

Jonah Hill doesn’t care if you hate him because, as he says, “Whatever, man. Scorsese thinks I’m awesome.” Way to turn the tide on that one, buddy.

QuestLove wore a Scrabble bowtie on The Daily Show and it was awesome.

-MTV is planning to air an “alternate ending” to the series finale of The Hills. Geez, you’d think the whole thing was staged or something.

-The trailer for Thank You For Sharing, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo, has arrived. I skipped this one last TIFF but I know someone who saw it and said that they didn’t like it initially, but it really stayed with them. In any case, her body is sick.