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August 2013

Robin Thicke’s Photo Scandal: It’s Real and It’s Spectacular(ly Gross)

Robin Thicke and Lana Scolaro at a VMA after-party. (Twitter)

-The woman who was in that scandalous Robin Thicke photo has come forward to confirm that his hand is exactly where you think it is. Will the repercussions from TwerkMania 2013 never end?!

-Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus continues to keep it so, so classy.

-You gotta love that Kate Middleton showed up at her first official post-baby engagement today wearing the same Zara top she wore 5 months ago.

-The trailer for Palo Alto has landed. It lost me at “based on a short story collection from James Franco.”

Lamar Odom’s bad week continues. Following reports that his marriage to Khloe Kardashian is crumbling due to his alleged addictions, he was arrested for DUI early this morning. His license has since been suspended for a year.

Amanda Bynes is reportedly trying to negotiate a record deal from her hospital room, which sounds like a swell idea.

Blake Lively staged a lovely little photo opp (unless you think the paparazzi just happen to be hanging around the sleepy town of Bedford, NY).

-Speaking of Blake, both she and Jennifer Lopez turned down the lead in Gravity, which Sandra Bullock is now getting serious Oscar buzz for. Whoopsie!

-Whoa. Jason Segel is looking good!

-As a kid, Lena Dunham used to look in the mirror and say ‘I’m just so beautiful’, and “everybody is so lucky they get to look at me” — which is kind of boss.

-If the internet hated the Ben Affleck as Batman casting news, just wait until everyone hears that Justin Timberlake wants to play Riddler.

-And now it’s time for your end-of-the-week cry: Jennifer Lopez is reportedly getting $17.5 million to return to Idol.

-There’s talk that Lindsay Lohan may host SNL’s season opener.

-Last night was a big night for storming offstage. Both Dave Chappelle and Fiona Apple did it.

-Faith Hill and Tim McGraw‘s reps are denying rumours that the pair are splitting because of some Taylor Swift involvement. Um, what???

-Someone at Us Weekly needs to get fired for this.

Kristen Stewart is topless and flowered powered in her new Balenciaga ad.

-I’m not usually a fan of high-waisted pants but Sandra Bullock is killing it in these.

Will and Jada Smith are reportedly selling their ridiculously huge estate.

Baby No. 3 is on the way for James Van Der Beek and his wife. Would it kill him to call this one Pacey?

-Meanwhile, his Apt 23 costar Krysten Ritter just sold a new sitcom to NBC.

Leave George alone!

Beyonce and her screaming fans descend on Coney Island; madness ensued.

A scene from one of the two films debuting at TIFF starring Cory Monteith has been released.

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long: still a thing.

-The new Vampire Diaries promo made me laugh — intentionally! — so that’s a good sign.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Fussy


-Days after Miley’s teddy bear orgy at the VMAs, Lindsay Lohan figured she should probably jump aboard the furry train.

-Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth was just as freaked out by Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance as the rest of us.

-Holy crap, Joshua Jackson‘s new show also stars Alice from Luther?! Get out of my head, TV execs!

-I was starting to warm up to James Franco, especially after his self-deprecating comments at his roast (“The joke’s on all of you. This is not a roast. This is my greatest most elaborate art installation ever.”). But I should have known better.  He reportedly said that he’s paying little to the cast and crew of his new movie because working with him “can be considered currency.”

Jessica Simpson reportedly scored a $100k payday to show the world that her baby looks like every other baby out there. One day she will rule us all.

-Someone decided to give Paris Hilton a steady job. On purpose.

Katie Holmes‘ reps are denying the one thing that might actually make her kind of interesting.

-Meanwhile, I’m loving Katie‘s braids in these photos.

Lena Dunham looks fantastic on the cover of Marie Claire — and I usually hate the mouth-breather pose.

-I love that this video is going viral.

-Bad news: Ellie Kemper will no longer be on next season’s How I Met Your Mother. Good news: she’s been replaced by Anna Camp.

-Speaking of HIMYM, here’s a closer look at the mother.

Justin Timberlake gave a surprise performance in Hoboken; people freaked out.

Hugh Laurie gave a surprise performance in Vancouver; people didn’t freak out because we’re Canadian and can roll with anything.

-I laughed a lot at this video of Brandon Routh and Dean Cain welcoming Sam Daley to the Superman club.

-This. Is. Awesome. James Spader will play the villain in Joss Whedon‘s next Avengers movie.

RJ Mitte celebrated his 21st birthday with scantily clad ladies in Vegas. Uncle Hank would be so proud!

David Schwimmer‘s neighbours are kind of assholes.

-I really wish I could unsee this photo of Adam Levine in teeny tiny black underwear but I can’t so I’m sharing my pain.

-A completely unrecognizable Ariel Winter of Modern Family posted a photo with her new driver’s license.

Christina Aguilera loves her fans — and decided to tell them in a long, rambling letter on her site.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis enjoyed some PDA while vacationing in China.

-Here’s the first trailer for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. You can see why this thing sat on a shelf for six years.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Confirms Separation Rumours


-I’m sad that the rumours about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones appear to be true. They survived so much crap, but I guess there’s no coming back once your husband tells the world he got cancer from having sex with you.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were once spotted in the same room so now everything thinks they’re banging.  (“Are people still saying bang?”)

-The early reviews for Gravity are pretty damn glowing.

-Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock looked a-mah-zing in Venice today (love the dress and the pale lips, didn’t love the premiere dress she wore later). The press conference seemed fun too. When asked how he approached the film’s physical challenges, George Clooney said “I mostly just drank.” (I’ve been to a press conference with him and they’re basically just stand-up routines — fun to attend, not so fun to write up.)

-It’s been a big week for Joe Fatone. He reunited with ‘N Sync and then he has to contend with false rumours that he left his wife.

-The proposed Luther movie will reportedly be a prequel to the series. No Alice? No point.

-The new promo for Glee features every character except the one the world wants to see.

Lamar Odom has reportedly returned home to Khloe Kardashian after a few days off the grid.

-Barely a month after his Loch Ness monster mission failed, Charlie Sheen is back on the hunt for crazy mythological creatures. This time, it’s a half-otter man. (Weirdly, I actually think this is a great use of his free time.)

Miley Cyrus is recording an edgy, top-secret remix of “Black Skinhead” with Kanye West because she’s an edgy rebel filled with edginess. Oh, and just in case you missed the memo: she’s edgy now.

-Meanwhile, a duet between Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus has leaked. It’s called — what else? — “Twerk.”

Mileycouldn’t have been happier” about her VMA performance. So at least one person in the world isn’t experiencing PTSD like the rest of us.

-As angry as you may be to learn that the word “twerking” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, this video of Morgan Freeman reading the definition is pretty damn great.

-I don’t watch CSI because, you know, I have taste — but the story about George Eads getting the boot after getting into a heated fight with a pregnant show writer is juicy stuff.

Justin Bieber is spending his downtime getting inked and playing with sharks.

-Even the guy in the background of this photo doesn’t understand why Olivia Munn is wearing an outfit that’s two sizes too small.

-This is perfection: what if last week’s Breaking Bad played out entirely on Facebook?

-Meanwhile, BB’s Aaron Paul is ready to play with the big boys. He’s in talks to star in Ridley Scott’s Exodus.

Sir Patrick Stewart shot a simply delightful (and possibly drunken) mini acting class, explaining the “quadruple take.”

Octavia Spencer is caught up in a lawsuit with a weight-loss company she was endorsing, who are angry that she made clear that all of her sponsored tweets were, you know, sponsored.

-The new Divergent featurette does a really good job of setting up the movie for non-book readers.