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July 2, 2013

Kerry Washington Covers Vanity Fair

Kerry Washington on Vanity Fair.

-As someone who just finished marathoning through two seasons of Scandal, I was very excited to see Vanity Fair tweet out their new cover, featuring Kerry Washington. Not only does she look beautiful, it’s also kind of a big deal.

-Here are some blurry photos of Avril Lavigne’s wedding dress. Considering who she married (and what she wore to last month’s MMVAs), I was kind of expecting her outfit to be a little less princessy/Game of Thrones-y. [Update: turns out that was her pre-wedding dress. She wore black to the actual ceremony, so all is right with the world.]

-For all of us who raised an eyebrow over yesterday’s reports that Henry Cavill is now dating  Kaley Cuoco, this is sure to add fuel to our scepticism. Lainey posted a hilariously thorough timeline of Cavill’s past few weeks, proving that he really didn’t have much time to split from Gina Carano and start dating Cuoco. So why are the publicists pushing this alleged new relationship so hard? For Warner Bros. synergy? To dispel those lingering (and seemingly false) gay rumours? Because male leads aren’t supposed to date girls who could kick their ass? I don’t get it.

Aaron Paul says the Breaking Bad finale is going to make you all “shit your pants.” You’ve been warned.

Jennifer Aniston recalls the time she and Justin Theroux were so hungry on a road trip, they were forced to stop at McDonald’s and eat a Big Mac. She actually says the words, “It was like putting gasoline in a purified system.” Way to keep it real, girlfriend.

-Everyone is upset that Mariah Carey possibly lip-synched her BET performance because they don’t understand how life works.

Robert Pattinson was spotted looking cozy with Riley Keough. (I got really excited when I first read that headline because I thought it said he was dating the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, but Riley Keough is actually Lisa Marie Presley‘s daughter, which makes her much less interesting.)

-Meanwhile, Rob‘s ex Kristen Stewart showed up to the Chanel show in Paris looking like pure hotness.

Rihanna, on the other hand, showed up wearing what looks like a robe. Not even the fancy kind that you’d want to steal from an upscale hotel.

Rihanna also managed to squeeze in some face time with Jennifer Lawrence while in Paris.

Pharrell is suing will.i.am and even though I’ve read this article 5 times now I still can’t bring myself to care enough to figure it out. Something about Dr. Seuss?

Fred Armisen confirmed he’s leaving SNL. Does this mean the show can finally retire that stupid Californians sketch?

-Some more clips from Pacific Rim have landed.

Lindsay Lohan turns 27 today. Is it wrong that I would have guessed 34?

-People are really upset that Alicia Silverstone has launched a vegan breastmilk trading service, which actually sounds like a pretty decent idea to me. Makes more sense then chewing her son’s food for him.

-A new video for Stars‘ “Hold On When You Get Love” has landed. Dammit. I was just getting over my obsession with this song…

Justin Bieber just can’t stop posting shirtless selfies. It’s becoming a real problem.

Kristen Bell just posted a cute video about how you can enter for your chance to be her date to a Fourth Estate charity event. “Not my date like we’re going to hook up, but my date like we’ll sit at the table together. Maybe we’ll hold hands. I don’t know; we’ll see how the night goes.”

-Speaking of Kristen, this clip of her and Matthew Perry on Hollywood Game Night makes me want to watch the show.

Colin Hanks and his wife just welcomed their second kid, a daughter named Charlotte.

-Sad news: Pierce Brosnan’s daughter has passed away of ovarian cancer.

Ewan McGregor wears a kilt; the world swoons.

-I love these portraits of Game of Thrones characters in retro swag.

Taylor Swift played in Vancouver this weekend, and her mom made the night of a lucky group of fans.

-Meanwhile, here’s Taylor‘s new perfume commercial, which is basically just her Instagram feed set to music.

-I keep forgetting that Evan Rachel Woods is pregnant.

Danny DeVito gathered the Matilda cast together for a reunion and it looked awesome.

James McAvoy has long hair. I’m still feeling it.

-The always-awesome Emma Thompson admits getting honorary degree feels “fraudulent.”

Christian Bale says he has “no knowledge” of a Justice League movie and has no intention of playing Batman in it. So there!

-The trailer for Afternoon Delight confirms my belief that Katherine Hahn and Juno Temple should both be much bigger stars.