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May 31, 2013

Surprise: Philip Seymour Hoffman Was In Rehab

Philip Seymour Hoffman in Jack Goes Boating. (Photo: Overture Films)

-It turns out Philip Seymour Hoffman had issues with prescription pills and heroin — and he’s already completed rehab and is back to work, proving that sometimes celebrities can keep their private stuff private when they really want to.

Miley Cyrus responded to all those breakup rumours by Instagramming herself in what looks like a wedding dress. She also made sure to flash her ring to photogs today.

Britney Spears‘ dog needs to brush up on her Photoshop skills.

-Is Michael Fassbender dating an Olympian?

Vince Gilligan is still contemplating a Saul Goodman spin-off from Breaking Bad.

-It’s true: the return of Arrested Development made us all terrible, whiny people.

Francis Bean turned down the Bella role in Twilight, calling the book “a sexist Mormon piece of shit.”  #MyNewHero

-TMZ is now offering scandal-based tours of NYC. I’m glad I didn’t know about this two weeks ago.

-I love that Hunger Games: Catching Fire launched a fashion blog called “Capitol Couture.”

-Judy Greer has landed another sitcom. Fingers crossed this one sticks!

-I actually think Jesse Eisenberg was kind of hilarious in this interview, especially because the interviewer was acting like she was rolling with their sarcastic vibe (not to mention coming across as more than a little insipid), but then she wrote this blog post about how she was “humiliated” and now he’s everyone thinks he’s a douche.

Beyoncé is reportedly (and justifiably) unhappy that H&M made her look less bootylicious in her new ads.

-Meanwhile, Beyonce just killed all the pregnancy buzz by posted a photo of her drinking wine.

Kanye West reportedly “feels weird” about being the only guy at Kim‘s baby shower this weekend. Really? So now he’s worried about seeming weird?

Lance Bass is the latest celebrity to feel Amanda Bynes’ wrath after he was stupid enough to dare offer her help.

-The cast cull continues on Revenge. The girl who plays Ashley is the latest to be shown the door.

-LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy just designed an actual sound system, because he’s awesome.

Samuel L. Jackson is not actually quitting acting to become a crime-fighting vigilante, he’s just posting videos of 300-word monologues for charity.

-Is this interview with Kirk Cameron on his “sad birthday photo” real? Because if so, it might be the best thing in the history of ever.

Oprah used her Harvard commencement to push for better gun control.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy shot a very cute “Don’t Talk During Our Movie” PSA.

-Today’s weirdest discovery: Did you guys know that Adam Scott and Kerry Washington both starred in the unaired (but available on YouTube) pilot for Wonderfalls? That just makes me miss it more.

-Billionaire CEO Elon Musk just pooped the party by denying reports that he’s dating Cameron Diaz. (Though that may turn out to be a good thing for her.)

-I caught a few of the Scientology references in After Earth but according to Vulture, Will Smith “has delivered an incredibly mainstream platform for the Church’s ideology.”

-The Prisoners trailer, starring Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis and Jake Gyllenhaal, is intense!