Rihanna Flaunts Relationship with Chris Brown

Rihanna posted a photo with Chris Brown on Instagram.

-Blerp. Rihanna just Instagrammed a cuddly photo of her with Chris Brown along with the lyrics to “Nobody’s Business.” Now if only she would stop trying to make it our business…

-Meanwhile, Chris is off the hook for that time he allegedly swiped a woman’s cell phone.

-It’s been a big week for Danielle Fishel. First she announced she’ll be reprising her role as Topanga, and then she nailed her Lindsay-Lohan-as-Liz-Taylor impression.

-I can’t tell if the guy from The Wanted is mocking Lindsay Lohan or supporting her with this “Free Lindsay” t-shirt he wore in concert last night.

-Meanwhile, Lindsay‘s alleged victim has teamed up with Gloria Allred.

-The best thing that critics seem to be saying about Katie Holmes’ return to Broadway is that she “seems at ease.” Um, ok?

-Did you know that the little girl who played a young Liz Lemon in the wedding flashback on 30 Rock is actually Tina Fey’s daughter? Adorable!

Jessica Biel gushed about newlywed life while taping an episode of Ellen that’s set to air next week.

Joe Jonas is dating a girl named Blanda Eggenschwiler. Really.

Sienna Miller says she loved giving birth so much that she’d do it every day. Uh huh.

Peter Facinelli is now dating his Nurse Jackie costar.

-Meanwhile, his ex Jennie Garth was spotted grabbing coffee with Luke Perry. Let’s all try to will that relationship into existence, mm-kay?

-Anyone else hating Kate Middleton’s boots here?

This photo of Justin Bieber that everyone’s oohing about gives me a bad case of the icks.

-Well, this is surprisingly: Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey say they reached an “amicable” custody agreement.

-The season 2 trailer of Girls has landed, featuring blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em cameos by Donald Glover and Patrick Wilson.

Jen McDonnell is an entertainment freelancer and social media specialist. She put her celeb stalking skills to good use as managing editor of www.dose.ca. Likes: pop culture, celebrity dirt, guilty pleasure TV, George Clooney, cheese. Dislikes: people who use 'begs the question' incorrectly. Follow Jen on Twitter @jen_mcdonnell. Follow Jen

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