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November 16, 2012

Watch Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy Team Up in The Heat

-You need to stop whatever you’re doing and watch Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the trailer for their new buddy cop flick, The Heat. Seriously, even if you’re a doctor in the middle of an open heart surgery. I think your patient will totes understand after seeing this awesomeness.

Michael Fassbender gave Ryan Gosling a shoulder massage and then my brain exploded.

50 Cent was all kinds of cute and flirty on QVC.

Ben Affleck thinks the media treated him “worse than Scott Peterson” during his Bennifer years.

Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel has West Nile Virus following her stint on Survivor. You take the good, you take the bad…

-Well this is probably the most terrifying photo of Nicole Kidman you’ll ever see.  Bite down on something hard before clicking.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted together at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. What does it all mean?

-Whatever’s happening, it hasn’t stopped Justin from removing references to Selena from the “Beauty and a Beat” lyrics.

Lea Michele says that dog pee once ruined her spray tan.

-Wait, so now Taylor Swift is dating Harry Styles from One Direction? I need a flow chart to keep up with this girl’s love life.

-This might be the best caption to ever appear on Suri’s Burn Book (and possibly every photo ever).

-I’ve got nothing but love for Kristen Stewart‘s leather shorts. But then she completely lost me by wearing this gold mess.

Tina Fey may wear pyjamas to host the Golden Globes, because she’s comprised of 100% awesomeness.

-Um, does the outfit Jennifer Aniston wore last night remind anyone else of the prom dress Kelly Taylor wore on 90210?

Karl Lagerfeld does not seem impressed at meeting Frank Ocean.

James Franco has ruined sex scenes forever for Vanessa Hudgens.

-Speaking of James, he directed R.E.M’s new video, which features Lindsay Lohan posing for Terry Richardson. (I didn’t think one sentence could possibly include so many terrible things, but there you have it.)