Emilia Clarke Says She’s “Photoshopped and Drunk” on Esquire Cover


Emilia Clarke says she was “photoshopped and drunk” during her Esquire cover shoot. The Photoshopped part was pretty obvious. I could barely recognize her.

-Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner does a pretty mean Jon Snow impression. Her Professor X impression could use some work, though.

Is Colin Farrell the reason Kirsten Dunst reportedly broke up with her boyfriend of four years Garrett Hedlund? I’m doubtful, but if true, she really needs to read the memoir his ex Emma Forrest wrote. Seriously gurl, read it!

-The fact that Michael Buble is being mercilessly mocked for the gross way he eats corn makes me way happier than it probably should.

-Prayer circle time, y’all. Prince has reportedly been hospitalized after an emergency landing in Illinois.

-Tough crowd. Jennifer Aniston was reportedly booed when she showed up late to the premiere of Mother’s Day. That’s seems like an overreaction. I’m sure she was only a little … wait… what’s that? She showed up an hour late? Never mind. Resume booing.

-I know celebrity pregnancy news comes in threes, but I’m super side-eying this report about Katie Holmes expecting with Jamie Foxx.

-Vulture’s piece examining why Hollywood keeps disrespecting Melissa McCarthy is so, so good. Why is everyone whining about how she needs a new agent instead of lining up to work with her? (I take issue with the notion that she surfaced out of nowhere, though — 7 seasons on the Gilmore Girls is a lot of exposure.)

-Sad news: Aisha Tyler and husband are divorcing after more than 20 years of marriage. She the bestest human ever and deserves a life filled with only happiness, rainbows and chocolate sprinkles.

-Jesus Christ. Did grown ass man Henry Cavill really give his 19-year-old girlfriend a promise ring? I was worried she would be too immature for him. Not anymore.

-The Ghost in the Shell producers are really leaning into the crapstorm. They reportedly ran VFX tests to make white actors appear Asian.

-MTV’s ‘delete you account‘ column is my new favourite thing. Erykah Badu wasn’t surprising but Parker Posey broke my heart a lil’ bit.

-Here’s a trailer for Mr Robot’s season two. I want it now!!

-This video of Paul Rudd getting excited when he heard his name being called by a kid is the best thing ever.

-The second best thing ever is this video of Stephen Amell correctly identifying photos of celebrity abs. It went from being impressive to being kind of scary. “That’s a before shot of Michael B Jordan.” Dude, let’s be friends. I think we share a lot of common interests….

Drake joined Rihanna onstage during her performance in Toronto last night.

-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s second season is now on Netflix, and critics are saying it feels more like 30 Rock. Sign me up!

-Following news that Louis C.K.‘s experimental web drama Horace and Pete put him millions of dollars in debt, here’s an interesting examination of TV’s modern business models and the worth of art.

-I mean, I’m seeing this Nine Lives trailer and yet I still can’t quite bring myself to fully believe that Kevin Spacey plays a talking cat.

-This story about how a movie critic once pooped his pants while waiting to talk to James Cameron about Avatar might be the best thing I’ve read all week.

-A clothing company is claiming Beyonce didn’t give them enough credit in her Elle photo spread. Isn’t that the magazine’s job?

-Here’s the trailer for Nate Parker‘s eagerly awaited The Birth of a Nation, which set a record at the Sundance Film Festival when it was sold for $17.5 million.

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