Rihanna Goes Nearly Nude for GQ’s “Men of the Year” Issue

Rihanna tweeted a photo of GQ’s upcoming December 2012 issue. (Twitter/GQ)


Rihanna is wearing a leather jacket — and absolutely nothing else — on the new cover of GQ. I think this is the part where we’re supposed to be scandalized or something…

-I’m guessing Keira Knightley wished she’d gotten a heads up from Riri before attempting a similar pose on the cover of Allure.

-Not surprisingly, the “other woman” in the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez saga (she’s been spotted with the Beibz twice now) is getting hate-Tweeted by Beliebers.

-There may be rumours of him dating a Victoria’s Secret model, but the newly single Beibz covered kiss-off tune ‘Cry Me a River’ on the weekend. What could it all mean?!?

-But WAIT! Justin and Selena were reportedly spotted back together yesterday. My head hurts.

-This is sure to cheer the Beibz up amid all the drama: he could pass for a girl scout in the 1960s.

-It turns out that dating James Franco is exactly as exciting as you imagined it would be. He and Pretty Little Liar Ashley Benson went to see Skyfall — and both of them fell asleep.

These photos of Mary Kate Olsen, 26, and Olivier Sarkozy, 42, packing on the PDA at a basketball game will make you squirm in ways you haven’t since that time Angelina Jolie tongued her brother.

-Speaking of PDA in the bleachers, it looks like Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen are still going strong.

-Shine on, Liza Minnelli, you crazy over-served diamond.

-This kind of NSFW video about why MTV doesn’t play music videos any more is all kinds of great.

-New pictures of a scary-skinny Matthew McConaughey were floating around the web this weekend. I know it’s for a role, but still I worry. Eat a sandwich, ‘k sweetie?

-Also, did anyone else completely forget that he’s got another baby on the way? Just me?

-I really dislike everything about Jennifer Lawrence‘s look in this photo, which has never happened before and has left me confused and scared.

Shia LaBeouf got into a bar fight in London…over a baseball cap. Seems reasonable.

Ryan Gosling turns 32 today! Let’s celebrate with his sexy Half Nelson dance!

Amanda Bynes says that despite what Jennie Garth claims, her former What I Like About You costar never tried to call her — but she welcomes the contact. Run, Jennie, run!

-It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the time when actors start gathering for roundtable conversations pre-award season! Here’s The Hollywood Reporter‘s chat with Matt Damon, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Alan Arkin and John Hawkes.

-According to the MTV Europe Music Awards red carpet, ridiculously giant clutches are the next big thing, just in case you ever feel the need to carry around a lot of legal documents.

-Also, MTV EMA host Heidi Klum basically wore nothing.

Kat Von D and Deadmau5 broke up, depriving headline writers of further Kat and Mau5 puns.

-Speaking of terrible headlines, expect a barrage of fisting/”tickle me Elmo” jokes now that puppeteer Kevin Clash has left Sesame Street after denying allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old boy.

Nicki Minaj kinda makes sense here, which is really disorienting.

Barbara Walters was super pissed after learning Lindsay Lohan cancelled an interview with her to chat with Jay Leno instead. (Sidenote: I am MESMERIZED by her face in the short clip Barbara showed.)

-Who’s that lady holding hands with Jake Gyllenhaal?

Alyson Hannigan has been Tweeting photos of her and Seth Green reunited on the set of HIMYM, which makes me stupidly happy.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel did some damage control charity work this weekend.

-The trailer for British miniseries A Young Doctor’s Notebook has landed. All you need to know is this: Daniel Radcliffe plays a young Jon Hamm!

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