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The Ocean’s 8 Trailer Is Everything!

-It’s here! The Ocean’s 8 trailer starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter and Rihanna.  God, I love so much about this! Richard Armitage is clearly some sort of love interest but doesn’t even get a line in the trailer. It’s the perfect use of Hathaway. The heist they’re planning is at the freakin’ MET Ball!

-Yikes. Selena Gomez‘s mother was hospitalized after reportedly having a “heated conversation” with her daughter about Justin Bieber. That’s going to make for an awkward holiday season..

Issa Rae is working on not one, but two shows and they both sound amazing.

-Silicon Valley actor T.J. Miller has been accused of brutal sexual assault. The accuser, speaking publicly for the first time, says it happened in college. The accusations were addressed by a student court at George Washington University at the time and Miller has told friends over the years that he was wrongfully accused. In the Daily Beast’s deeply researched report, five GW students at the time corroborated details of her story.

Miller has denied the allegations, saying “Sadly she is now using the current climate to bandwagon and launch these false accusations again.”

-Not surprisingly, everyone today is remembering that time Miller hosted the Crunchies and repeatedly called Gabi Holzwarth a bitch. And more stories about him being a not-great guy are coming forward.  He was already cancelled by many people because of a series of unfortunate interviews earlier this summer.

-I love that #damonsplaining is becoming a thing. Can we make it trend??

-I’m also enormously satisfied that Damon is getting called out as being “completely forgettable” in the reviews for his new movie.

-How in the world is Chris Brown still landing leading movie roles in 2017? Followup question: how did his duet with R Kelly top the charts in 2017?

-Wait, Terry Crews illustrated the cover of Ad Age’s Creativity 50 issue? Is there anything this man can’t do?!? (Besides getting white Hollywood to support him?)

-The Pitch Perfect reviews are in and they…aren’t good. THR calls it “soulless.”  At least EW thinks it’s charming, so there’s that!

Jimmy Fallon, Anna Kendrick, Darlene Love & The Roots sang “Christmas” with kids instruments.

Armie Hammer on quitting Twitter. “It’s a toxic environment. No one goes on the internet to say anything nice.” Ok.

-Wait, there’s a Sicario 2Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, and Matthew Modine star in the new trailer.


Evan Rachel Wood Channels Bowie for Elle


-I adore Evan Rachel Wood’s Elle Canada cover! She talks about her love of David Bowie, relocating to Nashville, and writing happy songs instead of sad ones.

-Is Victoria Beckham heading to Carpool Karaoke? But, but…she’ll have to sing.

Chris Evans responded to Jenny Slate‘s glowing comments about him in kind, saying that she is his “favorite human,” and “the best.”

Justin Theroux presented Jennifer Aniston with an empty piñata during her birthday celebration.

-I love this headline: “Fuck Chris Brown and Black-ish should know better”

Nancy Meyers almost getting into a car accident because she was distracted by a beautiful kitchen is the most on-brand thing I’ve ever read…

Cindy Crawford knows how to use George Clooney’s twins for branding. Smart.

Chris Pine shaved his head and it’s kind of breaking my heart? That’s not weird, right??

-People on the internet have a LOT of opinions about the news that Joss Whedon will direct a standalone Batgirl film. I mean, of course it would be better to have a female director, but it could be worse. And this is a huge get for DC. (I still think it’s weird that every other week they announce a huge new movie while announcing another one is delayed.)

Anthony Stewart Head says he tried very hard to attend the Buffy reunion, but his theatre schedule prevented it.

-Here’s our first Game of Thrones teaser for season 7.

-This humour piece on TV critics pressuring people to watch The Americans hits too close to home. (Seriously though, have you tried watching it yet?!)

Kirsten Dunst is at the top of her Instagram game.

-Girl Trip isn’t even out get and “booty hole” is part of my everyday lexicon.

Brad Pitt puts boots on the ground in this new trailer for War Machine.

Blake Lively Pulls Double Duty at Party

Blake Lively‘s birthday party (which Taylor Swift attended) was also her baby shower? Now I feel kinda bad for Blake Lively. And I don’t like that feeling.

Nate Parker’apology in Ebony — and this response to that apology — are both worth your time. It doesn’t personally change my mind about seeing the film, but it was needed.

Miranda Kerr says she teased her ex Orlando Bloom about those nude paddleboating pics.

Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Kanye West show in Toronto last night.  I *knew* I felt a chill when I was walking past the ACC!

-Early reviews of the new season of You’re the Worst (which returns tonight) say it’s full of bleak twists and introspection — and yet critics are still raving about it and calling it “TV’s most optimistic comedy.”  I will always love this show, if for no other reason than it gifted us with the best brunch song in history.

-Speaking of TV to get excited about, Donald Glover‘s new show Altanta is getting all kinds of critical love.

-Well now the countdown clock on has been replaced with a video. I’m still confused.

-Meanwhile, Drake and Rihanna packed on the PDA in Miami. This last month or so has been a pretty masterful ‘coming out as bonafide’ phase for them. Hiddleston should take notes.

-I didn’t think I was going to, but I ended up nabbing tickets today to the TIFF premiere of La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. So I’m very glad to hear that critics are gushing about it after seeing it in Venice today.

Emma’s premiere dress isn’t getting such rave reviews, though. I dunno — I still liked it better than the floral number she wore to the photocall.

-GQ published an oral history of “We Built This City,” which they called “the Worst Song of All Time.” So we’re just pretending “Lady In Red” doesn’t exist, then?

Jessica Chastain and Elizabeth Banks had the same issue with The Night Of finale as I did.

Chris Brown is out of jail after posting $250,000 bail. Meanwhile, the woman who he allegedly threatened told her side of the story. But she’s friends with his baby mama? This story is a mess.

-Good luck to Selena Gomez, who announced she’s taking some time off to deal with depression and anxiety associated with Lupus.

Gwyneth Paltrow wished Cameron Diaz a  happy birthday on Instagram with this adorable snap.

Katherine McPhee says she has “no regrets” about cheating on her husband. That’s swell.

-I don’t understand Agyness Deyn’s wedding dress. Someone please explain it to me.

Ludacris, Taylor Kitsch *and* Michael Shannon are all going to star in a new show about the Waco siege? Yes, please.

-Stranger Things has been renewed for Season 2. The nine eps will debut next year and be set in 1984.

-The Hamilton cast performed the last Ham4Ham today. No, YOU’RE crying!

Matt Bomer is going to play a trans woman in a new movie produced by Mark Ruffalo, and people are pissed. At least Ruffalo isn’t shying away from the conversation on Twitter.

-The first clips from Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival are tense as hell, y’all.

-Cute lil Jacob Tremblay is creepy AF in the Shut In trailer.