Scarlett Johansson Splits From Hubby

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac split after two years of marriage. She wasn’t wearing her wedding ring at least weekend’s women’s march, and there were some shady blinds about those two flying around recently (that maybe weren’t so shady after all?).

-Contrary to a new report from the AP, Madonna says she has not applied to adopt two more children from Malawi

Selena Gomez had a “fun” and “flirty” weekend with The Weeknd, according to a source who seems way too invested in this relationship.

-Hurrah: The man who hacked and stole nude photos from Jennifer Lawrence will serve jail time.

Constance Wu said she was warned that speaking out against Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination would hurt her career, but people are are thanking her for it.

Josh Gad tricked costar Daisy Ridley into a conversation under false pretenses and then grilled her about The Last Jedi.

-Awesome human being Roxane Gay pulled her forthcoming book from Simon & Schuster over Milo Yiannopoulous’s $250,000 book deal with the publisher.

-This is a good piece on why Legends of Tomorrow has suddenly become DC’s best TV show. I’m as shocked as you are.

-Speaking of TV, here’s a look back at all the clues we missed about The Good Place’s big twist. I love that it ended up doing the mystery box thing even better than Westworld.

Selena Gomez debuted a new promo for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why (which she is executive producing). I dug that book.

Stephen Colbert and Billy Eichner asked New Yorkers what they’d want to say to Trump if they could.

-I’m not sure if this is a good look for Dennis Quaid.

-The cast of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries just did a table read for something that looks like it’s called The Lizzie Bennet Wedding and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN I NEED IT NOW!

-Bathroom selfies are gross but if I had abs like Kate Beckinsale’s I’d probably start snapping too.

-To celebrate A Walk To Remember’s 15th anniversary, Mandy Moore and Shane West reflect on what it was like to make the film.

-I really like this piece on how Sweet/Vicious has quietly mastered how to portray sexual violence on TV.

Sam Claflin is seduced by Rachel Weisz in the trailer for My Cousin Rachel.

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