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January 31, 2017

Taylor Swift Gets Slack for Her "Girl Power" Posturing

This Buzzfeed article is a very, very good read about Taylor Swift‘s penchant for victimhood.  I particularly like the parts about her appropriating feminism when it suits her needs, and using Kanye West to frame herself as fragile white victim. It’s interesting that this is the second article I’ve read this month pushing back against Swift’s fake sisterhood.

Ben Affleck won’t direct The Batman, but it sounds like it has more to do with him rethinking his approach to movies after Live By Night’s failure, instead of the WB trying to muscle him out.

Sienna Miller opens about her partying days in a new interview with Love saying “It was hurtful to my career.” She added, “I grew up in the ’90s watching everyone getting away with what they got away with. I was like, Oh, the Gallaghers [did it], f**k it.”

-I liked this article on how the CW mastered the superhero rom-com.

-Also, Supergirl just cast Teri Hatcher as this season’s big bad. I love that her and Dean Cain are on the same show again.

-Speaking of CW superheroes, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom wrote a song Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist will perform in The Flash/Supergirl musical ep! It will also feature a song by the guys who wrote La La Land’s “City of Stars.” I want to watch this thing NOW.

-Also, Crazy Ex Girlfriend released an extended version of the period sex song and it makes it clear why only two lines made it onto TV.

Nicole Kidman is just 12 years older than Jason Momoa and she might be playing his mother in Aquaman. Oh, Hollywood.

-After 18 years together, David and Victoria Beckham renewed their marriage vows. (This time without matching purple outfits, sadly.)

Ellen DeGeneres tried to seduce Jamie Dornan with office supplies and it was more entertaining than 50 Shades Darker is sure to be.

-Parenthood’s Jason Katims is teaming up with a Hamilton producer for a new NBC high school drama so we should probably just start crying now.

-It’s nice that Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield were disappointed by the lack of sex scenes in Moonlight (though I’m not sure that was the point of that movie).

-Also, Andrew is teasing us again by saying he’d take Emma Stone to a desert island if he could only choose one person.

-In Kesha’s new countersuit she says “You can get a divorce from an abusive spouse,” so an artist should have the same opportunity.

-Huzzah! Prince’s music is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

-All hail JK Rowling, the clapback queen.

Timothy Olyphant says someone once took photos of him without him knowing it in a locker room. For the good of 2017, we’re gonna need to see those pics.

-New Making a Murderer episodes will debut this year. I wonder if everyone will be as receptive to it in these depressing times?

Paris Jackson is going to try her hand at acting.

-More proof that Rob Lowe probably deserved being mocked by his West Wing costars yesterday: check out the job listing for his assistant.

-The first full trailer for Beauty and the Beast is here and damn if hearing “Tales as Old as Time” didn’t get me excited.