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April 28, 2015

Kristen Stewart Classes It Up for Harper’s Bazaar


-I love love love the hammock shot in Kristen Stewart’s Harper’s Bazaar spread (much more than the cover photo), but I still find it weird that they put her is such stuffy Chanel. I know she has to represent for the brand, but surely they could have found something more her vibe?

Robert Downey Jr. was on Howard Stern this week and I learned so many new insults from this interview! He called the interviewer he walked out on “a syphilitic parasite” and talks about being scrutinized “like a kiddy fiddler.” Bless.

RDJ also told Stern about his recent reconciliation with ex-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker. Tapas fixes everything.

-This Gordon Ramsay vs. a former intern drama is like foodie crack to me.

Laverne Cox had some predictably eloquent things to say about Bruce Jenner‘s interview.

-Meanwhile, Jenner may sue the privacy-invading paparazzo who took photos of the star wearing a dress.

-Did John Stamos really think that by calling out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen he was going to shame them into the Full House reboot? That’s *adorabable*.

-Is Bradley Cooper’s awards snub streak going to come to an end with the Tonys?

-Jesus. Joni Mitchell is reportedly in a coma with “no immediate prospects for getting better.”

Zac Efron is strutting around the set of his new movie in a speedo and fringed crop top because Hollywood knows exactly what we want.

Adam Sandler‘s offensive  Ridiculous Six jokes have leaked online and they’re as terrible as you imagined.

-Um, Starz is making a new show about a ballet school and it stars BOTH guys from Center Stage? I’m going to watch this so hard.

-Does this blurry photo show the engagement ring Robert Pattinson gave FKA twigs? Do we care?

-The X Files reboot just recruited former writers Glen Morgan and James Wong.  Next we just need Vince Gilligan and Darin Morgan.

-I forgot that Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen were a thing. Still are, apparently.

-Aw crap. Jared Leto‘s The Joker might be sucked into the mess that is Batman vs Superman, while Ben Affleck‘s Batman may show up in the Suicide Squad.

-Also, Jared Leto’s veins are creepin’ me out.

Courteney Cox says David Schwimmer always ‘flakes‘ whenever the Friends cast tries to hang out. Meh, no one wants Ross anyway.

-So if I’m reading this right, Netflix’s biggest show is Daredevil — but their ratings are comparable to The Flash?

-The redband trailer for Ted 2 has Law & Order lyrics and Tom Brady.