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April 16, 2015

Anna Kendrick vs John Krasinski in Lip Sync Battle

Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski appear on Lip Sync Battle
Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski appear on Lip Sync Battle. (SpikeTV)

-It’s like the producers of Lip Sync Battle were crawling around in my brain when they pitted Anna Kendrick against John Krasinski.

-Also, Anna Kendrick is writing a book! It’ll be a collection of “humorous autobiographical essays“.

Ryan Gosling might be starring in the Blade Runner sequel. I hate the idea of a sequel on principle, but if it’s gotta happen, it could be worse.

-Speaking of sequels we don’t necessarily need but have interesting casting rumours, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone might be in the next Ghostbusters.

Tom Hardy in a suit is what dreams are made of.

-Nothing makes me laugh harder than this Jezebel’s writer’s continued and irrational hatred of Ansel Elgort.

-Leave it to Amal Clooney to wear a pink tweed outfit and somehow not look like she’s doing a bad Marg Simpson impression.

Nicki Minaj confirmed those engagement rumours by posting a photo of what might be the ugliest ring ever made.

Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that she only made it four days on her $29 food bank challenge. Maybe it’s because she bought too many limes?

-Here’s the first trailer for David Duchovny’s new NBC show. I want to believe — but I’m not sure about this one.

-Such a good article on TV. I feel like I “hope watch” shows a lot more than I “hate watch.”

Joshua Jackson is the perfect boyfriend. That is all.

-Maybe Michael Buble should stay away from all cameras ever. It never ends well for him.

-I didn’t even think I cared about the new Star Wars movies all that much but the new trailer for The Force Awakens hit me in all the feels.