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May 2015

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Stand United

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil (Twentieth Century Fox)

-Well, it didn’t take Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck long to call the paps in for reinforcements. They’re presenting a united front with family photos amidst all the breakup rumours. Meanwhile, it’s now open season on blind items, while the New York Daily News is claiming they’re leading separate lives and Gawker is debating when the most PR-friendly time for them to announce their split.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and  Selma Blair reenacted their Cruel Intentions kiss last night, while Reese Witherspoon sang “Torn.”  So basically, it was the best night ever.

-I fully realize how sucky it must be to be famous and get photographed all the time, but there’s something really weird about the way Ian Somerhalder is begging fans not to take pics of him in this video. Is there not a better way to handle it? It seems like it would have taken less time to just shake some hands and pose a couple of times.

-As dark as Hannibal is, at least show creator Bryan Fuller has a ban on telling rape stories.

Matthew Weiner considered bringing Sal back for the final season of Mad Men, which I would have luvved.

Emma Stone says Bill Murray cheered her up on the set of Aloha by bringing her little gifts every day. He’s going to have to send her a GIANT present after she reads all the reviews.

–Despite how terrible Aloha sounds, I really liked this interview with Cameron Crowe, in which he takes us on a musical tour through his filmography.

-Sony is considering yanking their artists off of Tidal. You know who’s on Sony? Beyonce. How embarrassing would it be for Jay Z if his own wife’s music was pulled from his much-hyped service?

-I love this story about jargon that TV writers use, though I always thought “Hanging a Lantern” was called “Hanging a Lampshade.” Whatever it’s called, Buffy used to do it a lot, and it was hilarious.

-Here’s the first promo for Trevor Noah’s new Daily Show.

-This new Jurassic World clip stars Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus, automatically making it my favourite clip to come out yet.

What’s Up with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in the 2003 flick Daredevil. (Twentieth Century Fox)

-Rumours that there’s trouble in Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s marriage are all over the low-tier tabloids this week, but they just got a boost with this new blind item. Seems to fit, as Affleck was in Cheticamp, NS last month and the Oklahoma reference reminds me of all those whispers about him and Olga Kurylenko when they were shooting Terrence Malick‘s To The Wonder there. Still, I hope it’s not true. I always root for them. (Well, I root for her because she’s Sydney ‘effing Bristow, and him by extension…)

-In other blind item news, we’re all trying to sleuth out which awful,  sexist Girls guest star Lena Dunham is talking about in this THR roundtable clip, right? Also, Amy Shumer‘s reaction to Lena’s story is all of us.

-Toast’s “If xx Were Your Boyfriend” posts are always great, but the Vin Diesel one reaches new heights.

J.K. Rowling shut down a homophobic Westboro Baptist Church with one magical tweet.

Bobby Flay‘s divorce just keeps getting nastier. Now his estranged wife is claiming he slept with January Jones “many times” during their marriage, leading to some speculation that he’s her baby daddy. (I’m still going with X-Men director Matthew Vaughn, if we’re taking bets. Which we’re not, cause that would be kinda gross.)

-Are Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama engaged?

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly completed her community service hours, and now her fate is in a judge’s hands after she fudged her record.

Tracy Morgan has settled his lawsuit with Walmart over the highway crash that left him critically injured, and is set to give his first interview since the crash on the Today Show.

-I spent way too much time fighting about this on Twitter yesterday, but this Tom Hardy vs. the Toronto Star reporter meme that’s everywhere is total bullshit. If anyone bothered to read any of the reporter’s coverage of Mad Max, they’d see the question was meant to make a point. (The girl who first posted the meme has since deleted the tweet, but that hasn’t stopped people from running with it like dicks.)

-The creator of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie is crediting a tweet from Miley Cyrus for the show’s renewal.

-It’s weird that critics are reviewing the Supergirl pilot based on the version that leaked online, but at least they like it.

-Meanwhile, I’m down with any critic who isn’t enthralled with Netflix’s Daredevil, but why do they always have to poop on the CW in their reviews?

-I listen to a lot of comedy podcasts and it never ceases to surprise me about how openly comedians will talk shit about each other. It’s weirdly refreshing.

Jeremy Renner crashed a wedding and took advantage of its open bar — but remained “standoffish” to the guests. Sounds about right.

-Is Channing Tatum having trouble convincing directors to helm his Gambit movie?

-A source tells E! News that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are “definitely not” back together. So there’s that.

-I wasn’t expecting Aloha to get rave reviews, but critics are HATING on it. Variety called it “Cameron Crowe’s worst film yet“, the Globe called out his “sloppy sentimentality,” and everyone seems to be having a hard time getting over the obvious age gap between Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper. Oh, and Stone’s character is part Asian, which is thrilling critics. It’s currently sitting at a tragic 8% on Rotten Tomatoes.

-It’s hustle time for Patrick Dempsey.

-I’ve been so very over Game of Thrones and it’s rape-y ways the last couple of episodes, but at least this looks promising.

-Are Kate Hudson and Derek Hough dating or just awkwardly hugging in public?

-The redband trailer for American Ultra, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Connie Britton and Kristen Stewart, has landed. It looks like a stoner version of the Bourne movies, which I can totally get behind.

Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Gina Rodriguez and More Talk Comedy

comedy actress roundtable

-The Hollywood Reporter gathered Emmy hopefuls Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Gina Rodriguez, Ellie Kemper, Kate McKinnon, and Tracee Ellis Ross to talk comedy, sexism, and drunk costars.

-Meanwhile, I amazed there aren’t a million think pieces about how Amy Schumer is in the middle of a near-perfect television season (or maybe there are and I’m just missing them?). Her latest skit puts Bill Cosby on trial.

Archie Panjabi wouldn’t deny that the awkward final Good Wife scene between her and Julianna Margulies was pieced together with CGI, telling both E! News and Us Weekly: “All I can say is this: the decision making process is not something I’m privy to.” I wonder if Margulies is planning any damage control? Because no matter what went down or whose fault the feud is, the fact that there was such a lack of professionalism (but her, by the showrunners, by CBS bigwigs) that it was allowed to go that far is so very gross.

George Clooney‘s aging secret? Embrace it (and, you know, try not to be a woman in Hollywood).

-It looks like Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Alicia Cargile are still going strong (and still making me want to chop off all my hair).

Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone were roommates while filming Aloha — which sounds like the premise of a really terrible sitcom.

-Ok, I know I’m a cynical robot who’s dead inside, but did anyone else sprain their eye from rolling it so much during Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s wedding video? Anyone??

Nicole Kidman‘s Grace of Monaco trainwreck finally aired on Lifetime this week, and the screenwriter live-tweeted everything that went wrong. (He had nice things to say about Milo Ventimiglia, at least).

-Speaking of former Gilmore Girls actors, it’s pretty rich that the guy who played Luke is bragging about his chemistry with Lauren Graham. ‘Cause when the show was airing, it kinda seemed like they didn’t like each other very much.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has apologized to fans after those drinking photos hit the web, calling it a “minor relapse.”

Colton Haynes wore a hot pink suit to the San Andreas premiere and I hate it — but I also think it was a crazy smart career move. Get it, kid.

Meek Mill says he and Nicki Minaj are not engaged because they’re “still learning each other, feeling each other out.” He knows about the no take-backsies rule, right?

-The trailer for Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee features Stephen Colbert, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Jim Carrey, and Bill Maher.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are still a pap-worthy thing.

-Here’s some footage of Ben Affleck doing Batman-y stuff on the Suicide Squad shoot, which would be a lot cooler if it hadn’t completely taken over my neighborhood this week. #GetOffMyLawn

-We may never know Netflix viewership numbers, but Daredevil tops the list of original programs in terms of user ratings, while Bojack Horseman sits in last place.

Jason Segel goes full Capote as David Foster Wallace in the trailer for The End of the Tour.

-Also, here’s an excerpt from Jason‘s new kids’ book.

-The Point Break remake trailer makes me physically angry. Remember the part in the original where Keanu Reeves and Lori Petty are floating on their surfboards and he reaches out and grazes her thigh? Why you gotta mess with our memories, Hollywood?!