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April 7, 2015

Anna Kendrick Goes Viral with #BecaEffinMitchell

Special shout out to the little man in red. Serve that face you boss!!! (More to come. So much more.) #BecaEffinMitchell

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Anna Kendrick refused to strike a sexy pose for the Pitch Perfect 2 poster — and in doing so she inadvertently inspired this most awesome meme.

-Speaking of Anna, her new movie with Zac Efron sounds like it’ll be all kinds of cuteness.

-Hmmm…TMZ is reporting that Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in a year. True or not, you gotta wonder if Katie’s camp is behind this?

Kit Harrington wins the interwebs today with his sketch as the most debbie downer dinner guest ever on Seth Meyers‘ last night. “Was it the child murder stuff?”

-Whoa, so Nina Dobrev really is leaving The Vampire Diaries. There was talk of this back in August, and the Tumblr fandom went into crazy detective mode after cast and crew posted (and quickly deleted) pics from a party this weekend with the hashtag #ninawewillmissyou (a party that neither Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder appeared to attend — hmmm). I haven’t watched the show for years, but from the sounds of it her character’s been pushed to the background for a while now, so good on her.

-Single lady Lindsay Lohan just revealed what she’s looking for in a man, so if you’re a guy and you meet those requirements, you should drop everything and go straight into hiding.

-17 more episodes of Arrested Development are reportedly coming to Netflix. Seriously, with all these reboots and revivals, how hard is it to make Party Down happen?!

-Even Blake Lively is jealous of Helen Mirren.

-From the Pitch Perfect sequel to Paper Towns Movie, this is shaping up to be a great summer for women in movies.

Kristen Stewart manages to do the near impossible in this interview: bitch about the culture that made her famous and not seem completely full of it. A little full of it, but not completely.

Marilyn Manson reportedly got punched in the face at a Denny’s in Alberta, proving yet again that we’re a country of heroes.

-I’m kind of amazed it took Mariah Carey this long to make a holiday movie.

Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau just did some interviews insisting *that* scene from last season’s GoT wasn’t rape, which is a really problematic stance to take. They may not have intended it during filming, but I’m not sure that means as much as how the editing and dialogue that ended up being in that final version made most viewers and critics interpret it.

-Speaking of actors taking problematic stances on rape scenes during interviews, this chat with Devon Gummersall on his Felicity arc saddened me. I remember that being a very well handled (and, at the time, rare) storyline.

-This is great: 23 Jump Street is allegedly going to turn all those fake sequel trailers into reality.

Netflix’s Daredevil, which drops this weekend, is getting rave reviews. Sigh. As if we weren’t already overwhelmed by TV.

-According to Joss Whedon, there’ll be no Avengers: Age of Ultron post-credits scene. There will still be a tag between the credits, but just no shawarma talk before the screen cuts to black for good.

-Maybe I’m just burned out on superhero stuff, but this Fantastic Four trailer isn’t doing anything for me. I mean, it’s Michael B. Jordan so I’ll watch it, but still.