Madonna Shrugs Off Lada Gaga Feud Rumours

madonna rolling stone

Madonna‘s new Rolling Stone cover has leaked, in which she dismisses rumours of a feud with Lady Gaga as “quite boring.”

-Do yourself a favour and read the Hollywood Reporter’s interview with Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler, because it’s pure gold. The part where he revealed he’s a volunteer fireman actually gave me an honest-to-goodness case of the vapors. And then he drove the reporter to the airport and my womb exploded.

Jamie Dornan’s camp denies he’s trying to get out of the sequel, but I’m still side-eyeing that statement.

-The Parks and Rec finale was good, not great. (I was actually a tiny bit bummed about April’s resolution, which felt very OOC for her.) What was great were the ratings, the show’s highest in three years. Also great? The Guardians of the Galaxy easter egg. And the entire cast singing Lil’ Sebastian on Seth Meyers‘ show. (I’m pretty sure Garry and April making out just launched a thousand fanfics…)

-In news that somehow manages to seem both surprising and inevitable, Lady Gaga has joined the cast of American Horror Story.

Dakota Johnson’s SNL promos are actually pretty funny. I like that she’s mocking her now infamous red carpet interview with her mom. And she proved she has comedy chops in Ben & Kate.

Lindsay Lohan thinks her acting is such a gift to society that it should be counted against her community service hours.

The Duff’s blooper reel is life.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got flirty at the Oscars and everyone’s brain exploded.

Taylor Swift wore a dress last night that looks like a classier version of my prom dress. True story.

Conan and Billy Eichner joined Grindr last night. Not as funny as when he joined Tinder with Dave Franco, but still solid.

-Whoa. Someone managed to convince Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt to join the next Huntsman movie?

-Congrats to Glee’s Naya Rivera and husband Ryan Dorsey, who are expecting their first child.

-Surprising news I just learned about TV shows that I still have no interest in watching: Danny Strong (aka Buffy’s Doyle) co-created Empire, and Penn Badgley plays Uma Thurman’s boyfriend on The Slap (which might be the worst-reviewed new show of the season).

-Speaking of TV, this doesn’t bode well for renewal: Agent Carter’s season finale fell to new lows in the ratings.

-Marvel is going to announce “something big” surrounding the Avengers and RDJ in eight days…supposedly.

-Breaking Bad creator (and former X Files writer) Vince Gilligan would “love to be involved” in whatever sort of X Files revival Fox is planning. How great would that be?!

-Somehow, this weekend’s Canadian Screen Awards managed to snag Julianne Moore as a presenter.

-They’ve released the last trailer for Insurgent — and it’s the first one that makes me actually want to see this movie.

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