Madonna Goes Topless in New Ad


Madonna (who’s 54!) and her breasts (probably not 54) are on display in her new perfume ad, which is a perfect storm of bravery and Photoshop.

Ariel Winter‘s un-modern family were back in court today, with Children’s Services testifying that her mom should lose custody. Meanwhile, now her father insists he should be the one who gets her.

-I was convinced that this photo (which adorned my office wall for years) was the most embarrassing Hugh Grant pic to ever see the light of day. And then came this one of him posing with a breastfeeding fan. Wow.

-Want to help plan Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope‘s weddings?  Sure you do.

Cameron Diaz said some stupid stuff about how women want to be objectified and now everyone’s all “Whaaaa??”

Kelly Clarkson is dropping some major proposal hints to her boyfriend via the press.

Lindsay Lohan says she has no regrets about her life. That’s ok; we have more than enough for everyone.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are def back together, but he’s reportedly still skating on thin ice.

-I’m pleasantly surprised that Life of Pi is getting glowing reviews. Maybe the book is filmable after all?

Jennifer Lawrence was hilarious on Leno last night, talking about how she got into a car accident because she thought she saw Honey Boo Boo.

Kristen Stewart‘s stylist says she has to beg her to wear heels on the red carpet. Sounds like she’s scored herself a real dream job!

Nicki Minaj slipped a nip on live TV last night.

Rihanna has apologized to all the journalists she dragged on that disaster of a tour.

-Want to see Leonardo DiCaprio kiss 66-year-old awesomebomb Joanna Lumley? Yeah ya do!

Frank Ocean talks about penning that the open letter about loving another man in the new issue of GQ.

Emma Watson’s boyfriend is a cutie!

-The Hollywood Reporter roundtable with possible Best Actress contenders has landed. I love the crap out of these videos!

-The new trailer for Beautiful Creatures has landed. Seems too Twilight-y.

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