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February 5, 2015

Ryan Reynolds Talks Fatherhood on Letterman

-What did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively name their baby? Sorry, you’re not allowed to know yet. Feel free, however, to buy this $45 artisanal candle.

-Ahead of their big island wedding this weekend, Amber Heard married Johnny Depp in a private ceremony at their home in LA earlier this week. She’s now legally entitled to half of his ridiculous scarf collection.

-As hilarious as it would be to see Ryan Gosling play Beast opposite Emma Watson‘s Belle, I think we all just need to simmer down on this rumour.

Jimmy Fallon‘s Saved By The Bell reunion is a sight to behold.

-Who could have guessed that Miley Cyrus, of all people, would be able to succinctly and correctly define feminism?

Damon Wayans Jr. is leaving New Girl — again.

Jennifer Lopez and Taraji P Henson are the comedy duo I never knew I wanted.

-SNL star Vanessa Bayer has spoofed the Fifty Shades of Grey elevator scene, and it’s perfection.

-The Sony hacking scandal has claimed another victim: Amy Pascal is stepping down from her post. (That’s not the only thing that hurt her, though).

-Terrible: Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s family is reportedly gathering at the hospital to say goodbye to the 21-year-old.

-A new Lizzie Bennet Diaries blooper reel? Bless you, internet gods!

-The new Furious 7 trailer heavies up on Paul Walker and flying cars.

-Ohhh – a new featurette for The Duff? Excuse me while I go send this to everyone I know in preparation for me dragging them to this movie multiple times…

-I’m sure Home Sweet Hell will be awful, but there’s something admirable about the way Katherine Heigl is leaning into her reputation.