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February 20, 2015

Emma Watson and Prince Harry? Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Emma Watson in The Bling Ring.

-There is pretty much zero chance that these rumours about Prince Harry crushing on Emma Watson are true, but can you imagine if they were? Could the internet even handle it, or would every computer in the world just spontaneously explode the second the first photo of them together was published?

-You can read Norm Macdonald’s incredible behind-the-scenes tweets about #SNL40 all in one place here. The bit about Eddie Murphy refusing to kick Bill Cosby when he’s down is worth the read.

-I’m super bummed at the news of comedian Harris Wittels’ sudden death. Not only did he coin the term humblebrag, he’s responsible for some of my fave episodes of Parks and Rec, as well as one of my favourite segments on Comedy Bang Bang.

Adam Scott has scored his first post-Parks TV gig.

-Weird, but awesome: Orphan Black’s season premiere will air on AMC, SundanceTV, IFC and BBC America. There’s no excuse not to watch it, people!

-As excited as I am to see The Duff, I just assumed it was going to be one of those movies I was going be mocked for liking. But it’s actually getting good reviews. Like, really good. The Globe & Mail even called it  “the first great teen comedy since Mean Girls.” Wut?

-Also, here’s a great interview with Mae Whitman talking about how she relishes the chance to play misfits. God, I hope this turns her into a huge star.

-Author EL James seems determined to guarantee that the Fifty Shades sequel will be terrible. It’s almost like we have a mole working to take it down from the inside!

Kanye West was on The Breakfast Club and said a bunch of stupid things, including a quote about how Beyonce keeps photos of Kim Kardashian on her studio wall for inspiration (sure she does, muffin), some disses against Amber Rose, and gossip about Kylie Jenner dating Tyga. “I think they’re in love, man. You can’t tell nobody.”

Jason Biggs is not returning for Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. No big loss there.

-Also, I’m in love with Season 3 based on these episode titles alone!

-I keep forgetting that Scarlett Johansson moonlights as a singer, mostly because songs like this are so damn forgettable.

-Odd, but I dig it: Lena Dunham will guest-star on Scandal in March.

Jared Leto says he’s having a hard time gaining weight for the Suicide Squad. Don’t make me hate you, Jordan Catalano. You’re already skating on thin ice with the man bun.

-Here’s the new promo for Mad Men’s new season. Anyone else really feel that AMC dropped the ball big time by splitting up the final season into two seasons? It worked for Breaking Bad because the first 8 episodes ended on a cliff-hanger that no one stopped talking about during its hiatus, but there seems to be ZERO buzz for Mad Men’s final run. It gives me the sads.

-These “brutally honest” thoughts of anonymous Oscar voters reveal that their thought process is as ridiculous and depressing as you suspect.

Mo’Nique is dead to Hollywood because of her Oscar insolence, according to Lee Daniels.

-I thought Lip Sync Battle sounded like the worst show ever, and then I saw this clip of Common vs John Legend and it changed everything!

-Here’s the trailer for HBO’s long-awaited Scientology doc. They gave it a Sunday night timeslot, which bodes really, really well.

-I’m still unsure about Far from the Madding Crowd because I had such a strong negative reaction to that book, but damn the new trailer makes it look so, so pretty.