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October 18, 2012

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell Spark Wedding Rumours

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell in Wake Me Up When September Ends.
Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell in Wake Me Up When September Ends.

-Everyone may be talking about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s impending wedding, but they’re not the only celebrity couple rumoured to be getting hitched this weekend. Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell may also be headed down the aisle.

Drake just graduated from high school. Way to go, Wheelchair Jimmy!

Uma Thurman has taken baby names to obnoxious new levels: her new daughter’s has a whopping seven words (and one hyphen): Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson.

Kristen Stewart‘s married fling Rupert Sanders was photographed hugging it out with his wife.

-Meanwhile, more photos(!) have surfaced of Kristen and RPattz together — and these ones show actual kissing. How were they taken at her house? Are paps actually hiding in her kitchen cupboards at this point?

Joaquin Phoenix really does not want an Oscar: “I think it’s total, utter bullshit.” Well, if he keeps burying his amazing performances in mindnumbingly boring films, he should be safe. (What? Just me?)

-I recently had a 20 min conversation about all the cool stuff Bill Murray has pulled during fan encounters (the fake trailer, the from behind sneak-up, the guest bartending, etc) and we still didn’t cover it all. And now comes this handy guide to hunting Bill!

-Speaking of Bill Murray,  someone please stop the just-greenlit Ghostbusters 3!

Fergie talked to Oprah about those rumours of Josh Duhamel‘s infidelity, but she didn’t actually say whether or not they were true.

-Potential shirtless Don Draper alert! Mad Men is reportedly shooting new scenes in Hawaii right now.

-Director Bret Easton Ellis publicly called Lindsay Lohan out on Twitter for missing a day of work on their new movie. And so it begins…again.

Katie Couric just did the impossible: she made Tyra Banks look like a drag queen in comparison.

Anne Hathaway made the sale of celebrity wedding photos slightly less gross by donating a portion of her proceeds to nonprofits advocating for marriage for same-sex couples.

Jennifer Aniston says Justin Theroux picked out her ring by himself because “he just knows what I like.” Huge and gaudy?

-Was Demi Moore‘s camp in cahoots with People on their new cover?

-Uh-oh. It may be the best reviewed show of the new season, but Nashville’s ratings tanked last night.

-Speaking of Connie Britton projects, here’s the new trailer for The Fitzgerald Family Christmas.