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October 17, 2012

Megan Fox is a New(ish) Mom

Megan Fox in Passion Play. (Annapurna Productions)
Megan Fox in Passion Play. (Annapurna Productions)

-For all those celebrities who claim they can’t maintain privacy, Megan Fox gave birth to her first kid (son Noah Shannon Green) nearly a month ago and just announced the news today. #JustSayin’

Kristen Stewart may be back with Robert Pattinson, but the whiff of eau de homewrecker lingers. There’s a (somewhat sketchy) report that she was seen flirting with Jennifer Aniston’s man, Justin Theroux.

-Word is that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are getting hitched in Italy this weekend.

-Ruh-roh. TMZ is reporting that Flavor Flav was arrested last night after allegedly assaulting someone in his home with a knife.

Travie McCoy claims Katy Perry dumped him over email. Way harsh, Tai.

Demi Moore is reportedly ‘jealous and frustrated‘ that Kelso is hooking up with Jackie.

-Speaking of hookups, is Scarlett Johansson dating Sam Rockwell? Because if so, we might all have to hate her now — even more. (Have you seen him in Moon? Stop everything and go watch it now. Seriously. I’ll wait.)

Kellan Lutz is predicting he’ll win an Oscar someday. Awww. That’s adorable! Now please go back to not talking/taking your shirt off.

-Did you ever want to see Nick Offerman naked? Now you can — and give money to charity at the same time. Win win?

-More photos of Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson have surfaced. Body language experts, have at ’em!

-Meanwhile, RPattz just signed on to play Carey Mulligan’s boyfriend in a new movie.

Joel McHale was on Ellen today, where he debuted a new clip from Friday’s Community premiere. I kinda forgot that was coming back, but yay!

-Meanwhile, here’s an awesome mashed up poster of the Community cast as the Breakfast Club.

-Wondering why the Chateau Marmont lifted its ban on Lindsay Lohan? Probably because she struck a deal with Liz & Dick producers to be interviewed by Barbara Walters in exchange for them paying off her crazy hotel tab.

-Holy crap balls! I don’t know how they managed it, but Brad Pitt’s second Chanel ad might actually be worse than the first!

-Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie is trying to even out the couple’s karma score by donating $50k in memory of  Malala Yousafzai.

Taylor Swift’s legs are on the cover of Rolling Stone.

-Here’s Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, doing “Gangnam Style” with Psy. Seriously.

-It started as a Pinterest board, and now Claire Danes‘ cry face has been turned into a YouTube supercut. (That first scene where her lip is trembling as she watches Rayanne rehearse Our Town still kills me to this day…)

Tyra Banks is ready to pass on her smizing skills to a whole new generation.

-A new Jason Collett video debuted today. I want to watch it because I really like the song, but his hair in the thumbnail is scaring me away.

-Voting is still open for the Canadian Blog Awards (Scandal Sheet can be found under the ‘pop culture’ category). Vote and I’ll love you more than I love Ryan Gosling’s abs! (Almost.)

-Here’s yet another spoilery Gossip Girl photo that has leaked from the set. If what looks like is happening is actually happening, than I’m more confused than Nate in a physics lab…

-Here’s the trailer for Tom Cruise‘s Jack Reacher. I feel like I’ve seen him in this role a million times already (though the bit at the end with the hat is cute).