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October 12, 2012

Justin Bieber’s Sex Tape Hoax

Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj in his "Beauty and a Beat" video.
Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj in his “Beauty and a Beat” video.

-Are you kidding me, Justin Bieber? All of that alleged sex tape talk was just a stupid PR stunt to promote your new video? I guess I should just be grateful that I don’t have to install a naughty Biebz screencap blocker on my browser, but still. There aren’t enough eyerolls in the world for this…

Lindsay Lohan (who now says she was lying about her mom’s cocaine use – ahem!) is a redhead again. Because clearly, getting her hair done was this week’s top priority.

-Meanwhile, Lindsay says she’s going to vote for Romney because of the unemployment issue which, when you think about, is a valid concern considering the direction her career is headed.

-Speaking of Romney, Peter Berg would like him to stop using the Friday Nigh Lights slogan, please and thank you.

-Want to watch something incredibly awkward to kick off your weekend? Then please direct your attention to this rap video by Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. (Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the wrinkles you’re going to get from all the cringing this will inevitably lead to.)

-Meanwhile, Gwyneth celebrated the big 4-0 with Cameron and Beyonce recently.

-Speaking of rap, Snoop just reworked “Drop It Like It’s Hot” to sell Hot Pockets, cause sure.

-Ok, I know I have never been Jessica Biel‘s No. 1 fan but this tweet almost makes me want to kinda sorta not hate her a little.

Kathie Lee Gifford feels real bad about dropping that puppy on its head, y’all.

Matthew Settle is the latest Gossip Girl cast member to tell the press how much he’s so over it.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are at the spoon-feeding each other phase. Gag.

Christina Ricci is sparking engagement rumours with her giant sparkler.

Taryn Manning (who I will always love because of this, and this, and maybe even a little this) was arrested for allegedly beating up her makeup artist. She says they’ve since made up.

Bobbi Kristina‘s engagement ring is almost an exact copy of Kate Middleton‘s. Score?

-If you have an upcoming birthday, you might want John Krasinski and Emily Blunt to organize the party. They threw one for Matt Damon and the birthday boy (as well as Tom Cruise) ended up getting spanked by a drag queen.

-Worried about the rumoured bacon shortage? Ron Swanson has you covered.

-There’s no end in sight for Aaron Paul‘s gushing, earnest soundbites about his fiancee.

-The second trailer for Gangster Squad is out, featuring way more Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, which is always a good thing.

Taylor Swift is just as confused as the rest of us about her wedding crasher moment.

Adam Scott and Jon Hamm got together to meticulously recreate the Simon and Simon theme song, and the results are…weird. (But it’s Adam Scott and Jon Hamm – and Paul Rudd! – so it’s worth a watch.)