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October 4, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Strips Down to Her Undies in ‘Parker’ Trailer

-The Parker trailer has landed, which is only newsworthy because Jennifer Lopez gets semi-nekkid in it. (Also, it’s worth watching to hear how Jason Statham pronounces the title. Paaaaahhhka!)

Kanye West is hesitant to take Kim Kardashian to Paris Fashion Week because he wants to be taken seriously. I think that ship sailed with this.

-It’s really happening. Chris Brown and Rihanna were photographed together at a Jay-Z concert last night, and were later spotted making out.

-Not surprisingly, Chris is telling the press that he is no longer dating Karrueche Tran, saying he doesn’t “want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.” What a gentleman!

-Ok guys, this Jon Hamm pants thing is becoming a real problem. Someone needs to start a “Better Pants for Hamm” telethon or something.

Julianne Moore had a bunch of jewellery stolen when her house was broken into. Sadly, the robbers didn’t take her Boston accent.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey reportedly made it through one day of Idol taping without trying to scratch each other’s eyes out. Baby steps!

-I really, really hope Nikki Reed is joking when she says the final Twilight is going to end with a huge choreographed dance number. Is this franchise trying to break some sort of cheezy moments record we’re not aware of?

Snooki is back to Instagraming, posting pics of herself without makeup.

-Guys, Nick Offerman isn’t really Ron Swanson and you’re hurting his feelings when you expect him to be, mmm-kkkkkk??????

-Speaking of Parks and Rec actors, Amy Poehler has some very funny (but not necessarily true) things to say about Adam Scott.

Smashed, the Aaron Paul movie I loved during TIFF, has scored distribution. It opens Oct. 26 in Toronto and Montreal, and wider in November.

30 Rock‘s final season starts tonight, which gave Alec Baldwin an excuse to tweet about how he offered to cut his salary 20% for two more seasons.

-A busload of lucky tourists got an eyeful when they came across David Beckham shooting an underwear ad for H&M.

[I’m heading to Spain (SPAIN!) today, so no blogging again until the middle of next week. Adios!]