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Embarrassing Celebrity Photos Raise Money For Puerto Rico Relief


-On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, Colbert and Nick Kroll shared  awkward pictures of themselves with the hashtag #PuberMe, with a call to action for other celebs to follow suit. And now the interwebs is being flooded with mortifying photos of stars as teens. It’s awesome!

-Speaking of Puerto Rico relief, Beyonce is on the Mi Gente remix and is donating all proceeds to the cause.

-I didn’t even know that Idris Elba and Liam Gallagher were feuding over a hat but I’m glad they’ve managed to put it behind them.

-Meanwhile, Idris says he auditioned to play Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. I can’t even being to imagine that…

-Speaking of things I can’t imagine but would still like to see, Elizabeth Banks is directing a Charlie’s Angels reboot and in the running to star are Lupita Nyong’o(!) and Kristen Stewart(!!).

-Jake Gyllenhaal admits he’s all for being set up on dates. Get on it, ladies!

-Azealia Banks DM’d an apology to Nicki Minaj – but then posted it which seems like the opposite point of DMs.

-Kim Cattrall says the only “demand” she ever made about Sex And The City 3 was to never do another one.  I love her more and more every day.

-Jim Carrey is alleging extortion and blaming his former girlfriend’s mother and lawyer for her death.

-This week’s The Good Place might have been my favourite half-hour of TV all year. Even better, one of the show’s writers shared all of her pitches for the episode’s restaurant names, and they are hilarious!

-Mulder and Scully are swapping places in the first X-Files Season 11 photos.

-EW hosted a Family Matters reunion.

-Don’t touch Hocus Pocus, Hollywood! Don’t you freakin’ dare!

-Here’s a roundup of all the critics gushing about the new Blade Runner movie. I can’t believe I’m going to have to sit through another 2-1/2 hour film…

-Jimmy Fallon played a weeping sound guy on the set of This Is Us. (“You’re the reason Dad died” made me laugh.)

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