Brangelina Donate Money from Wedding Photos

brangelina wedding

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly scored $5 million for selling their wedding photos (which they’re donating to charity, natch).

-Meanwhile, they’re on a boat.

Brad and his Fury costars sent a message of support for Prince Harry‘s Invictus Games .

Beyoncé celebrated her birthday by flipping off those divorce rumours and spending the day with Jay Z and Blue Ivy on a beach, while Jay Z posted a video tribute to her — just in case you weren’t already convinced.

-Meanwhile, Blake Lively baked her a cake. So yeah, that happened.

-It looks like Amal Alamuddin will be wearing an Alexander McQueen dress when she walks down the aisle.

Tywin Lannister just out-Coached Coach Taylor.

-Wait, did we know Kristen Bell was pregnant? She showed off her belly bump at TIFF last night.

Sarah Paulson supports reproductive rights — and donut-eating and beer-chugging.

-The cast of Parks and Rec went above and beyond for a Make a Wish kid.

Chris Pratt can make me a mix anytime.

Anna Kendrick‘s new musical just scored a distribution deal at TIFF. I’m seeing it Monday night — can’t wait!

-Is there anyone in Hollywood who *won’t* be joining the Arrow cast this season?

-The new Horrible Bosses 2 trailer proves the boys are way better at kidnapping than murder. Chris Pine doing comedy? I dig it.

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