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Ben Mulroney Takes a Step Back — Sort of

Ben Mulroney stepped down as an anchor from eTalk this morning, following his wife’s racist actions. “I love my wife. However, it is not my place to speak for her and today, together, we are committed to doing the work to both learn and understand more about anti-Black racism as well as learn and understand more about our blind spots.” He added that he hopes eTalk will replace him with a more diverse voice. Interestingly, he will still do red carpet events for eTalk (i.e. – the plum assignments) and stay on as host of CTV’s Your Morning.

-Also, this is from The Sun so take it with a giant grain of salt, but they’re reporting that he was surprised by the lack of support from his coworkers. “Although some coworkers reached out, he was surprised many didn’t bother, despite the fact he’s worked there for 18 years. It was only decided last night he would step down from etalk.”

-In the final hours of Juneteenth 2020, Beyonce surprised the world with a new song called Black Parade. Lyrics include “Trust me, they gon’ need an army / Rubber bullets bouncin’ off me” and “Made a picket sign off your picket fence / Take it as a warning?”

-Variety’s Actors on Actors interviews are taking place over Zoom this year, and first up is Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. Aniston talks about her character’s breakdown in the last episode of The Morning Show, while Kudrow says she hasn’t rewatched Friends because she’s hoping to sit down with the cast one day and watch it together.

-RIP, director Joel Schumacher. Not only did he give us movies like Lost Boys, St. Elmo’s Fire and two Batman films, he also gifted us with that Vulture interview where he said he’d slept with 20k people, claimed Tommy Lee Jones was an asshole, and said Val Kilmer was psychotic.

-Speaking of Batman, this is wild: Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to replace Ben Affleck as the DCEU’s Batman, appearing in The Flash movie. I love the idea of Keaton taking up the cowl again, but I’m surprised that the Flashpoint film is going forward following the Erza Miller stuff.

-Accusations of sexual assault by celebs were flying fast and furious on Twitter this weekend. Two users accused Justin Bieber of alleged incidents in 2014 and 2015 and he responded to one of them with 15(!) tweets about why he couldn’t have been there.

-Meanwhile, Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are denying accusations of sexual assault that surfaced on Twitter over the weekend.

Ansel Elgort broke his silence on last week’s sexual assault claims on Sunday with an Instagram post, saying the relationship in question was “brief, legal and entirely consensual.” He says he ghosted her, implying that’s why she’s retaliated.

-After last week’s Twitter outcry, five women talked to the Chicago Tribune to detail Chris D’Elia’s alleged sexual improprieties.

-The Golden Globes, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, just announced a move from Jan 5 to Feb 28, 2021, Oscar’s original airdate.

-This is a great story about how two guys made their short film the top-grossing movie, even though they filmed it entirely on Zoom with a budget of zero dollars, and only screened it once at a single theater.

Brad Pitt surprised a sanitation worker on Harry Connick Jr.’s CBS special.

-Netflix announced that Lucifer will return in August — and they did it with a super horned up video.

-K-pop fans may not have prevented people from going to Trump’s rally, but they did basically make any data the campaign was hoping to use for retargeting junk.

Jon Stewart’s Irresistible, starring Steve Carell and Rose Bryne, is getting bad reviews. One critic tweeted it’s “stupefyingly bad & unfunny.”

-The Hamilton trailer has landed. On Twitter, Lin-Manuel Miranda explained that they dropped two of the show’s three f-words in order to get a Disney+ approved PG-13 rating.


What Is Kristen Bell Doing?

-For the second day in a row, we’re treated to a great long-read about celebrity/influencer conduct during these trying times. This is such a good take on how Kristen Bell seems to be consciously evolving her brand to try to turn herself into the next Ellen Degeneres — and how this quest for relatability often leads to excruciating overshares about her marriage. “Kristen Bell has to be bubbly and preach bland platitudes of kindness and show how she’s just like the rest of us, even in her mansion.”

Saint West thinks his mom Kim Kardashian is 11-years-old and he likes her because she “buys him things” and leaves him “alone.” Fair enough.

Elon Musk and Grimes have finalized the name of their offspring: X AE A-XII.

Brian Austin Green was spotted grabbing lunch with Courtney Stodden almost a month after revealing he had separated from Megan Fox.

-30 Rock, which aired its final episode in 2013, will return to the airwaves in July for a one-off, hour-long special that will double as NBC’s upfront’s presentation.  Hilariously, this is the kind of corporate synergy the show used to make fun of.

-Instead of Comic-Con, Warner Bros. is doing its own virtual con this August.

-The Emmys are still happening on Sept 20. Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, “I don’t know where or how or even why we are doing this, but we are and I am hosting it!”

-I thought I was truly sick of Zoom calls — and then I found out that Keanu Reeves is auctioning off a private Zoom date for children’s cancer charity.

-A former Bachelor casting producer says the show has been “white-washed for decades” and claims producers routinely passed up contestants who they considered “too Black.”

Beyoncé demanded “swift” justice for Breonna Taylor in letter to the Attorney General: “Don’t let this case fall into the pattern of no action after a terrible tragedy.”

-Netflix removed several British sketch shows over blackface, including Little Britain and The Mighty Boosh. They also pulled an episode of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ 2015 comedy show W/Bob and David.

-Hmmm…this article makes it sound like Christopher Nolan is the one pushing for Tenet to be released this summer to “usher in a new era of moviegoing…providing a populist platform for exhibitors to unveil their new COVID-19 safety measures and cleaning procedures,” while the studio is worried not enough people will show up to recoup the $200M budget.

-Also, it will be really interesting to see how critics react to it (assuming they get to see it).  Even if they love it, will they want to urge people to go to the theatre to see it?

-This is a really great video on how HBO’s Insecure has mastered the cinematographic art of properly lighting black people.

-Speaking of Insecure, though I didn’t love the last few minutes of the finale, the season was amazing, mostly because of how it delved into the breakdown of a close female friendship.  The show did such a good job of exploring the emotional damage of falling out with your BFF.

-I haven’t tuned into Michaela Coel’s new HBO show I May Destroy You because the premise sounds grim, but the reviews are glowing.

-Meanwhile, the reviews for HBO’s Perry Mason seem to suggest that the performances are amazing and the ’30s period recreations are beautiful, but the plot is muddled.

-The Palm Springs trailer traps Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti in a Groundhog Day situation, hitting Hulu on July 10.

Mariah Carey and the Schitt’s Creek Cast Sing “Hero” to Graduates

-There were so many awesome moments in the Obamas ‘Dear Class of 2020’ celebration. Beyoncé delivered a powerful 10-minute speech, Taylor Swift told a story about missing her own graduation, and Lady Gaga also contributed a video. But my fave part was when the characters of Schitt’s Creek sang a song — with a surprise cameo from Mariah Carey!

J.K. Rowling is once again facing allegations of transphobia after she publicly took issue with a headline that used the inclusive phrase “people who menstruate” and then, when she faced pushback on Twitter, dug her heels in even further. (Seriously, is it that hard to understand the difference between sex and gender? She seemed to get it when she wrote the scene in which Hermione takes the form of Harry.)  Plus, of all the times for her to stir this up again — at the start of Pride and when the world is already on fire.

-Here are 8 fantasy novels by trans and non-binary authors, in case you need some new reading material.

-It is just me, or are The CW superhero shows imploding? On the heels of the Batwoman shakeup, The Flash’s Hartley Sawyer, who plays Ralph Dibny/The Elongated Man, has been fired for old tweets he made featuring racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments. (I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago but I do remember that character used to refer to a female scientist by her measurements instead of her character’s name, so this might not be a great loss for the show.)

-Meanwhile, Batwoman’s showrunner explained why they’re creating an entirely new role rather than recasting the main character.

-In other CW news, Riverdale’s writers have vowed to do better when it comes to their Black characters.

-Do we really believe Trump watches Insecure? Really?

Alexis Ohanian and wife Serena Williams spoke out about his resignation from the board of Reddit.

-Even Bryce Dallas Howard, who starred in The Help, doesn’t want you to watch The Help right now.

John Boyega thanked his fans and colleagues for having his back after his speech at a London protest.

Lea Michele‘s Broadway understudy says she was already monster when she was only 12.

-Federal prosecutors in New York have formally requested access to Prince Andrew as part of their ongoing criminal investigation into the abuses and sex trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein.

-K-pop continues to come through. BTS and their management company donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter. As soon as the band announced it, a team of stans called One in an Army vowed to match it and ended up raising $1,026,531 in just over 24 hours thanks to 35,609 donors.

Jennifer Aniston has also quietly donated nearly $1 million.

-Meanwhile, Terry Crews is facing criticism after posting some nonsense about “Black supremacy.”

Amanda Seyfried and Kevin Bacon try to have a peaceful vacation in the trailer for horror flick You Should Have Left.