Han Is Back In Fast and Furious 9

-I don’t know how I’ve managed this, but I haven’t watched one minute of the Fast and Furious movies. It’s a giant black hole in my pop culture experience that I have no desire to fill. But my entire Twitter feed lost its poo over the Fast 9 trailer and the return of someone named Han so…yay?

-Plot twist! In today’s Harvey Weinstein trial, Jessica Mann made the bombshell claim that he may be “intersex,” saying he didn’t have testicles and appeared to have a vagina.

-Goddamn, The Good Place was perfect. Goddamn.

Kristen Bell has been posting some bts photos and videos on Twitter today. Woman! I *just* stopped crying!

Mace took to Instagram to call out Diddy’s business practices.

-Despite her spending time with Timothee ChalametZendaya and Jacob Elordi still appear to be a thing.

-Good article on how CanCon is having a moment, but no one is talking about how incredibly white it is.

-Wait, is the Real Housewives’ Teresa Giudice doing sponsored content and using the promise of a sick father to get clicks? What??

-Someone is impersonating Billie Eilish and she’s not happy about it.

Harry Styles joined Lizzo onstage and it was all kinds of awesome.

-Netflix has announced that Imelda Staunton will play Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth and final season of The Crown.

-I’ve given up on Stumptown (not because I didn’t like it, I just am not watching a lot of TV right now), but this hilarious clip makes me want to catch up.

-Here’s the trailer for HBO and David Simon‘s take on Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America, starring John Turturro, Winona Ryder and Zoe Kazan.

Jen McDonnell is an entertainment freelancer and social media specialist. She put her celeb stalking skills to good use as managing editor of www.dose.ca. Likes: pop culture, celebrity dirt, guilty pleasure TV, George Clooney, cheese. Dislikes: people who use 'begs the question' incorrectly. Follow Jen on Twitter @jen_mcdonnell. Follow Jen

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