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Harvey Weinstein Breaks His Silence

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Harvey Weinstein just broke his silence (oh goodie) according to quotes in The Spectator, in which he blames his women troubles on being ugly and says “Yes, I did offer them acting jobs in exchange for sex, but so did and still does everyone. But I never, ever forced myself on a single woman.” His lawyer was quick to step in, saying “Mr. Weinstein never said anything about trading movie roles for sexual favors. You have my word that Harvey did not say that.” The writer has since walked back the quote, saying “We were discussing Hollywood and I may have misunderstood certain things about the methods of that place” — though the quotes are still up on the Spectator’s website.

-Over 40 celebs, including Rose McGowan, Paz de la Huerta, Terry Crews, Mira Sorvino, and Anthony Rapp, signed an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times asking people to stop blaming Asia Argento for boyfriend Anthony Bourdain’s death.

Henry Cavill has been shamed into an apology for his stupid #MeToo statements (though he took pains to point out that “This experience has taught me a valuable lesson as to the context and the nuance of editorial liberties” cause, you know, saying a flirt can be confused for a rapist is clearly something that can be misquoted and taken out of context by those meanie journalists!)

-Speaking of taking action after a public shaming, Scarlett Johansson has dropped out of the movie in which she was set to depict a trans man.

-Did Ariana Grande just sweep in late to claim the song of the summer? ‘Cause that video is kinda everything.

-I don’t even go here, but it’s pretty neat that Downton Abbey’s original cast will reunite for a big screen movie adaption.

-The timeline Amanda Seyfried tries to portray in regards to her relationship with Thomas Sadoski doesn’t quite line up, does it?

-I keep forgetting that Neil Gaiman is adapting Good Omens for TV, and then every time I’m reminded it’s like Christmas morning all over again!

-No, YOU cried over this video of Jonathan Van Ness reacting to his double Emmy noms for Queer Eye and Gay of Thrones.

Yvette Nicole Brown is going to step in to host The Walking Dead preview special as AMC “works to complete our assessment related to Chris Hardwick.”

Joss Whedon is returning to TV full-time with HBO’s straight-to-series sci-fi Victorian drama The Nevers. HBO reportedly beat out Netflix to nab the series. I know he’s problematic af, but I just can’t help but be intrigued…

Miley Cyrus just went social media dark. Either she’s about to announce a new project, or she’s just tired of competing with Will Smith’s hilarious video edits.

-I get the biggest smile whenever I read this Vulture reporter’s interviews with Sandra Oh.  They’re just so cute with each other!

Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl album is turning 30. I watched the new Whitney doc last night (which is so, so good!) and there was the best Abdul slam in it. My theatre collectively gasped.

-The Bay suddenly pulled all Ivanka Trump products due to “performance.”

Michael Pena fights aliens in Netflix’s Extinction.

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick strike up an unlikely friendship in Paul Feig’s A Simple Favor.

Jennifer Lawrence Interviewed Kim Kardashian and It Was Delightful

Jennifer Lawrence filled in for Jimmy Kimmel last night and interviewed Kim Kardashian — and it was actually pretty great. “Do you and Kanye fart in front of each other” and “If you could save the world, who would you rather sleep with: Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un?” is quality content.

-In another segment, Jennifer Lawrence asked random people on the street to name five of her movies, with hilarious result. Think about it — it’s hard

-NYC police say they have a credible rape allegation against Harvey Weinstein and are gathering evidence for possible arrest.

-Eight House of Cards staffers have spoken to CNN and recounted Kevin Spacey‘s alleged pattern of sexual harassment on the show’s set.

-WME’s Adam Venit is on leave amid sexual harassment allegations involving actor Terry Crews. His extensive client list includes Dustin Hoffman, Brett Ratner, and Casey Affleck so…yeah.

-I’ll always read whatever @ira writes, but his profile on Thor: Ragnarok’s director Taika Waititi is especially good.

-Westworld’s season 2 production has been halted after recurring star Zahn McClarnon was hospitalized in the ICU with a brain injury after a fall at home.

-Speaking of halted production, Jimmy Fallon‘s taping today was cancelled due to a family emergency.

-Meanwhile, last night Fallon and the kids from Stranger Things went to the Upside Down for a dance battle.

Mila Kunis revealed she makes as donation to Planned Parenthood each month in Mike Pence‘s name.

-Terrible: the guy who played Felix on Veronica Mars has died after apparently jumping off a building.

Diane Kruger doesn’t even look like herself on the cover of Vogue Germany.

-Alec Baldwin and his wife are expecting their 4th kid.

-Wonder Woman just took the title of highest grossing superhero origin story.

-The Thor: Ragnarok cast performed a live version of the movie for James Corden.

Michael Shannon and Judy Greer are in a holiday holiday Bigfoot movie? Ok.

George Clooney on Weinstein: “I Want to Know Who Knew”

-Hmmm. George Clooney seems to be putting the onus on the media for not exposing the Harvey Weinstein scandal, not on the closed and protective Hollywood system. He told the Today Show, “Whoever had that story and didn’t write it should be held responsible. I want to know what kind of ad dollars were spent from the Weinstein Company and from Miramax. Because we should’ve known this.”

-Another of Gloria Allred’s clients held a press conference to accuse Weinstein of sexual assault and rape.

Anna Faris is the latest actress to share a story about being sexually harassed by a male director.

-A former actress broke her confidentiality agreement to claim that Val Kilmer punched her in the face and shoved her to the ground her during Doors audition.

-Speaking of powerful men who appear to be abusing their position, Rolling Stone published a horrifying new account of a woman who dated R Kelly.

-Um, the star of Outlander and the writers of Outlander should probably not be arguing about creative differences regarding the show on Twitter.

-Despite a restraining order, Tyrese admits to flying a banner over his 10-year-old daughter’s school that says “No matter what, daddy loves you Shayla.”  Yeah, that’s not going to mess her up at all.

-If someone gave me a $10 million ring, I’d probably keep wearing it too.

-Another Halloween, another ridiculous costume for Colton Haynes. This has basically turned into his annual excuse to wear ridiculous fake boobs. At least he stopped doing blackface…

-I’ll give it to Blake Lively — her birthday post to Ryan Reynolds was pretty great.

Emma Stone is reportedly dating an SNL director. He’s the third staffer to be linked to an A-lister recently. That job is better than Tinder!

-This is a bullshit tweet from Vulture. I love Carrie Coon but I’d bet more people watched Fringe than The Leftovers and Fargo combined.

Bobby Flay reportedly quit Iron Chef in the most obnoxious way possible.

-I wrote a piece about this fall TV season’s winners and losers.

-I stopped watching The Walking Dead because, well, it’s terrible, but I’ll still read PTV’s epic recap of the premiere because it’s in old-school Television Without Pity style! God, I miss that site.

Liam Neeson is through playing games in the new trailer for The Commuter.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton star in Netflix’s original movie Bright. This thing looks beyond terrible.