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Tatiana Maslany Keeps Us Guessing About She-Hulk

-Remember a month ago when I mentioned that I was on a Zoom call with Tatiana Maslany and she said she’s not doing She-Hulk? She just said it again and the headlines are everywhere. My guess remains the same: that she’s doing it but sworn to keep it under wraps until there’s an official announcement. The original story in the trades was based on “sources” — and Scarlett Johansson was denying a Black Widow movie up until about a month before filming started.

Armie Hammer is now seeking joint custody and requesting his ex return to the U.S. from the Cayman Islands. Elizabeth Chambers filed for divorce from Hammer in July, seeking primary physical custody of their two children.

-I’m sure the Daily Mail is just reaching for headlines, but I’m choosing to believe this story about Dominic West being terrorized by squirrels.

Taryn Manning is claiming DWTS invited her to join the cast “many times,” but the show has a different take: “Her representation attempted to pitch her to us a while back and we kindly passed. So her claim that she was asked to join ‘DWTS’ once, never mind many times, is completely false.”

Jacob Tremblay portrays a young Justin Bieber in the new video for “Lonely.” This is scary good casting.

-Meanwhile, Bieber is this week’s musical guest on SNL, with Issa Rae hosting.

-Fans put a damper on Bieber‘s big week by camping outside his home. He posted on IG Stories: “This is not a hotel. It’s my home. How do you convince yourself it’s not completely inappropriate and disrespectful to wait outside my home to gawk, stare and take pictures as I walk into my apartment?”

Dwyane Wade was walking on the beach and happened to pass by a proposal. His reaction is everything.

-In a charming new interview with The Ringer, Adam Brody discusses how many people re-watching The OC now find his character mean (“I totally understand that about Seth and I can even see it without seeing it again. I mean, I don’t recall him doing anything brave and I don’t just mean physically brave”) and talks about being a feminist (“I’m not an activist, but I do feel that I’m pretty aware and my wife [Leighton Meester] helps me a lot. My wife is a feminist and has been for a long time, so she helps me a lot. Although I think we’ve all had our eyes opened even more so these last handful of years, but we’re all still learning and certainly I am. I like to think of myself as a feminist. I don’t know if I fully live up to that or not”).

-Speaking of charming interviews, You’re The Worst’s Chris Greere interviews former costar Aya Cash about her role on The Boys.

Harvey Weinstein‘s lawyers claim he will likely die in prison if not freed. [*crickets*]

Miley Cyrus is reviving her Backyard Sessions for a special episode of MTV’s Unplugged series. This is such a clever way to do content in quarantine.

-I don’t believe a digit of Netflix’s ratings reports, but they are saying that Ratched is the most watched original program in 2020. I wonder if even they care that it was so horribly received?

-Bridgerton is being made into a series by Shonda Rhimes? Yes, please!

Ethan Hawke had to shoot his appearance on Desus & Mero last night from an empty hotel ballroom in Ireland because he was having wi-fi issues in his room. Still managed to be charming af tho.

David Byrne’s American Utopia debuts on Crave this weekend and it’s so, so good. It’s directed by Spike Lee and is one of my fave films of the year so far. It’s joyous and thought-provoking and made me get up and dance multiple times (watching films at home is one benefit of movies going straight to streaming).

Charlie Hunnam plays a bare-knuckle boxer reluctantly traveling across the country with his brother for one last fight in Jungleland. It took me halfway through the trailer for me to realize I saw this at last year’s TIFF. I really liked the girl from The End of the F**king World in it.

Viola Davis’ Vanity Fair Cover Makes History

viola davis vanity fair

Viola Davis is on the stunning new cover of Vanity Fair, in which she talks about the BLM movement not being her first form of protest (“I feel like my entire life has been a protest. My production company is my protest. Me not wearing a wig at the Oscars in 2012 was my protest. It is a part of my voice, just like introducing myself to you and saying, ‘Hello, my name is Viola Davis’ “) and the difficulties of being Black in Hollywood (“We know as women, when you speak up, you’re labeled a bitch—immediately… As a woman of color, there is very, very, very little you have to do. All you have to do is maybe roll your eyes, and that’s it”).

-The Viola Davis cover was shot by Dario Calmese, marking the first time in its 100+ year history that Vanity Fair has had a Black photographer shoot a cover. He told NYT how it’s meant to be an image of protest, referencing an 1863 photo of a slave titled “The Scourged Back.”

-There’s also lots of chatter on social about how Calmese lit Davis much better than Annie Leibovitz recently lit Simone Biles.

Meghan Markle urged girls to “build each other up” and to “rebuild the world around them” in a powerful Girl Up Leadership Summit speech. Everyone’s going gaga over her longer hair.

-Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan announced they are creating a college fund for Naya Rivera‘s son, Josey.

-All of the Glee cast’s memories and stories that they’re sharing of Naya are heartbreaking.

-I spent a very long time on this thread of Naya’s best performances.

Chris Evans‘ website, A Starting Point, launched today. It aims to, in its own words, “create a bipartisan channel of communication” through short videos from elected officials. I’m not sure both-sides-ism is what the world needs right now, but at least they’re saying it’ll be “fact-based and fact-checked.”

-The cast of Happy Endings is set to reunite and perform new scripted material from the writers of the series as part of a fundraiser. I recently rewatched that show and man, it still holds up.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel cover WSJ Magazine.

-A federal judge has rejected a $46.8 million settlement of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct cases, saying it is not suitable for a class action. “The idea that Harvey Weinstein can get a defense fund ahead of the claimants is obnoxious.”

Bryan Fuller keeps teasing another season of Hannibal and honestly there’s nothing I want more.

-MythBusters’ former co-host Grant Imahara died suddenly following a brain aneurysm. He was 49.

Trina McGee, who went public with the racism and general poor treatment she received from three stars of Boy Meets World when they were filming, said her relationship with two of them (Will Friedle and Danielle Fishel) has improved.  However, she added “I do not talk to Ben Savage at all.”

Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet is likely to be delayed again, as theaters in LA are shut down again.

-In Johnny Depp‘s libel suit against The Sun, the court saw a pic of him passed out and covered in ice cream.

Patrick Stewart‘s quotidian sonnet readings are often the highlight of my day. He read number 80 today — on the eve of his 80th birthday. His BFF Ian McKellen took over sonnet 81.

-Peacock, NBC’s new streaming service, launches today for free. In Canada, it looks like most of the new shows are coming to Corus.

-Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer discovers masturbation in the trailer for Karen Maine’s Yes, God, Yes.

Scarlett Johansson Goes Solo

Scarlett Johansson black widow

Scarlett Johansson covers EW to promote Black Widow. She talks about only having met Florence Pugh a few times before they filmed their first scene together (“Immediately we were in each other’s space, like, ‘All right, I’m going to grab your armpit, and you put your hand under my knee in a pretzel'”) and why she didn’t want the movie to just be “like Bourne, but with a woman” (“I hope that this film continues pushing that boundary, so that we can actually have more female superheroes who are inherently female, and aren’t just Batman in heels or whatever”).

-The Hollywood Reporter just released their stars and their stylists issue, which I always adore.

-Wow. Harvey Weinstein just got 23 years in jail, which is close to the maximum possible sentence, if his terms were run consecutively, of 29 years. The judge said “This is your first conviction, but not your first offense.”

-Meanwhile, before sentencing he said in the courtroom “I am totally confused. I think men are confused about these issues. Thousands of men are losing due process. I’m worried about this country.” It’s pretty ballsy to complain about a lack of due process — when you’ve just been afforded it.

Jenna Dewan gave birth to baby No. 2, a boy she named Callum Michael Rebel Kazee.

Wendy Williams called out Nicki Minaj for marrying Kenneth Petty, who registered as a sex offender this week following a 1995 conviction for first-degree attempted rape. “You should’ve never married him because now you’ve ruined everything about what your brand could be.”

Dakota Johnson‘s gives Architectural Digest a peek inside her home and I kind of love it.

-This video of today’s daytime talk shows with no audiences due to covid-19 is very eerie.

Naomi Campbell showed up to a flight from LA to NYC on Tuesday clad in a full hazmat suit, surgical mask and latex gloves included. Look, I had to self-isolate today due to this damn virus and even I think this is irresponsible and panic-inducing.

-Westworld is trying to make it seem like its truly reinvented itself for season 3, but in the end it seems like it’s just more of the same.

Jon Bernthal is set to star in an American Gigolo TV reboot at Showtime and wow, do I love that casting!

-Speaking of shows I want in my eyeballs immediately, Scott Foley has been cast to headline a dramedy about the ballet.

Brad Pitt is coming to HGTV for Celebrity IOU With Drew and Jonathan Scott. Each episode will feature a star getting hands-on with the brothers to imagine a design plan to reward their mentors, friends or family member.

-The Ellen Show got the three Love Is Blind couples together for a game of Never Have I Ever.

-Meanwhile, I’m kind of shocked that Gwyneth Paltrow watched Love Is Blind.

John Krasinski says he and Ryan Reynolds “turned into 14-year-old boys” when they got to meet a surprisingly friendly owl at Reynolds’ daughter’s birthday party.

Colin Firth and Julie Walters star in a new adaptation of The Secret Garden.