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January 8, 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Peace Out

-I mean, what else could we possibly want to talk about today beyond Prince Harry and Meghan Markle blowing up the royal family by basically quitting it??! Despite some tabloid chatter yesterday about them considering a semi-permanent move to Canada, no one really saw this coming. Including The Queen — judging from Buckingham Palace’s super curt statement, as well as reports that the couple didn’t warn the family before posting the news on Instagram. Courtiers are reportedly saying with this move, they have “exiled themselves from the royal family.” I can’t even wrap my head around how big of an f-you to the establishment this is. And if that wasn’t great enough, this whole thing is playing out with a rom-com narrative: it comes off like Meghan freed her husband from a terrible system that treated his mom like trash, while Harry had enough of the palace allowing (and maybe even encouraging) his wife to be thrown under in the bus in the press in order to distract from William’s rumoured affair with Kate’s best friend and Andrew’s interactions with a convicted pedophile. This is gold.

-In another example of how carefully they planned and executed this, Harry and Meghan also posted a ton of answers on their website about the transition, saying — among other things — that they want to keep a UK home base at Frogmore Cottage as long as the Queen lets them, they’ll pay for their own travel via commercial transportation, and they want to earn a professional income. (There were whispers about them being forced to turn down an Obama-esque Netflix deal; I wonder if we’ll see that in the future?)

-This is a good threadexplaining how this impacts the British Royal Family.

-In any case, I immediately went to re-read this passage in “Red, White & Royal Blue.” I’m probably going to dig out my copy of “The Royal We” tonight, too.

-Look, I don’t watch the Real Housewives but this story sounds like it will make for incredible TV: Denise Richards reportedly stopped filming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after her passionate, months-long affair with Brandi Glanville was exposed by castmates while they filmed a trip to Rome.

Justin Beiber revealed that he’s been secretly battling Lyme disease for the past year. What is it with Canadian pop stars and Lyme? First Avril, not him.

-The day of wild news continues: Grimes and Elon Musk are expecting their first child.

-Fans are convinced they have photographic evidence of Adele and Harry Stylesvacationing together in Anguilla, and I’m here for it.

-How dare Jillian Michaelscriticize Lizzo’s size? I’ve seen Lizzo perform live twice and she bounces all around the stage, singing and playing the flute for over an hour without skipping a breath. Meanwhile, Michaels was an integral part of The Biggest Loser, a show in which a ton of its contestants became undernourished and exhausted from overexercising and restricting caloric intake to the point of cruelty.

-Speaking of Lizzo, she volunteered at Melbourne’s Foodbank to pack food hampers for those affected by Australia’s fire crisis.

Emily Hampshire savagely roasting Dan Levy at the end of this clip makes me think I need to catch up on the Schitt’s Creek behind-the-scenes videos.

-Of all the magazine video content that tries to go viral, I really like the Vanity Fair slang explainers. Some good new ones are Dan Levyexplaining youth slang terms to his dad Eugene, and Uncut Gems’ Adam Sandler and Idina Menzel reviewing New York slang.

-The Party of Five reboot is getting reallygood reviews.

-The trailer for Netflix’s Sex Education season 2 has arrived.

-ABC has ordered a pilot for a thirtysomething sequel, featuring many of the original cast members. That show was a little before my time, but the sequel is from Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, who created the incredible Once and Again, so I’m in. (Also, why isn’t that show streaming somewhere? Or thirtysomething? Or Ally McBeal? Or Sisters? It feels like there’s a whole segment of female-targeting 90s/00s family dramas that are just lost.)

-But like, WHY was Chris Evans seemingly drunk on a red carpet?

-My god, the screenwriters for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker need to stop trying to explain their decisions. It’s making it worse.

-The first promo for Quibi(which I just learned is short for ‘quick bites’) explains it will offer shows with episodes of 4-10 minutes in length, meant to be watched on your phone. The amount of behind and in front of camera talent they’ve lined up so far means this thing is going to be undeniable. They’re rolling out 175 series in the first year, with plans to deliver three hours of fresh content each day. It launches in US and Canada in April.

-This is terrible: Silvio Horta, the creator and executive producer of Ugly Betty, died by reported suicide at 45.

-This is a great profile on Patrick Stewart, in which he talks about Star Trek, growing up poor, Logan, the first time he read Shakespeare, and Gene Roddenberry’s golf habit.

-Vogue has the wedding photos of soccer stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, and they’re gorg.

Katie Holmes is haunted by a creepy doll in the trailer for Brahms: The Boy II.

-Here’s the trailer for Locke and Key, Netflix’s highly anticipated adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel.