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January 10, 2020

Grey’s Anatomy Cast Shake-Up

Justin Chambers, one of the last few original Grey’s Anatomy cast members, is leaving the hit medical drama, now in its sixteenth season on ABC. The biggest twist: his last scene has already aired and his character Alex won’t be getting a big sendoff, suggesting this was an abrupt departure.

-Speaking of tensions on TV sets, production on Disney+’s Lizzie Maguire reboot has halted after the creator of the original show stepped down from her role as showrunner. A Disney spokesperson said “After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the show.”

Oprah is shooting down a report that she counseled Prince Harry prior to his decision to step back from the royal family, saying “Meghan and Harry do not need my help in figuring out what’s best for them. I care about them both and support whatever decisions they make for their family.”

-Word is Prince Harry has been staying back in England the last couple of days to continue to negotiate the situation.

Justin Bieber is begging fans to game the system and stream “Yummy” on repeat while they sleep. This is really embarrassing and beneath him.

Beyoncé and Jay Z surprised Reese Witherspoon with a sweet gift following their champagne moment at the Golden Globes.

Harvey Weinstein and his attorneys asked for a new judge in his ongoing rape trial in Manhattan because the judge’s reprimand of Weinstein’s courtroom cell phone usage had demonstrated “animus towards the Defendant.” In response, they got a 15-minute treatise on why they won’t get one.

Samantha Barbash, the woman who JLo‘s Hustlers character is based on, is suing the production, saying that they offered her $6,000 to appear at the end of the film in exchange for signing away her rights to the story — which she did not accept.

Seth MacFarlane is leaving for after 21 years(!) for a $200 million deal at NBCU.

-People were very excited that horror director Scott Derrickson was set to helm the Doctor Strange sequel, but he just dropped out.

-Netflix’s new documentary series on cheerleading is getting lots of buzz.

-Here’s the trailer for the new FX show Breeders. I don’t even have kids and this gives me anxiety (not to mention I gave up on Martin Freeman when he yelled at a P.A. for getting his sandwich order wrong during his EW cover story).

Chris Rock takes center stage in the Fargo season 4 trailer.